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n. (plural of tour English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tour)


Tours is a city located in the centre-west of France. It is the administrative centre of the Indre-et-Loire department and the largest city in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France (although it is not the capital, which is the region's second-largest city, Orléans). In 2012, the city of Tours had 134,978 inhabitants, while the population of the whole metropolitan area was 483,744.

Tours stands on the lower reaches of the River Loire, between Orléans and the Atlantic coast. The surrounding district, the traditional province of Touraine, is known for its wines, for the alleged perfection (as perceived by some speakers) of its local spoken French, and for the Battle of Tours (732). The city is also the end-point of the annual Paris–Tours cycle race.

Usage examples of "tours".

Paris que voyaient du haut des tours de Notre-Dame les corbeaux qui vivaient en 1482.

He had learned how to enjoy being on top of the heap, and when he was between bands, he was content to earn a good living playing sessions or acting as a side-man on tours, helping to fill up the musical sound without getting in the way of the current stars.

A waiter approached Astor to tell him that his table was ready as he was confirming that he was, indeed, the musician who was notorious for drug busts and getting fired off tours for writing dangerous and highly bootleggable music.

Then he had suddenly found himself making a fortune out of his television appearances and lecture tours in the United States on the strength of a couple of books on magic, which had acquired cult status.

In fact, he tended to do most of his smoking on tours when he had to do a lot of hanging about with other bored musicians.

Marple folded up the letter, put it in her bag, noted the telephone number, thought of a few friends whom she knew, rang up two of them, one of whom had been for tours with the Famous Houses and Gardens, and spoke highly of them, the other one had not been personally on a tour but had friends who had travelled with this particular firm and who said everything was very well done, though rather expensive, and not too exhausting for the elderly.

I have always heard that in these tours they are careful to provide restful intervals for such people who are not particularly strong.

These seemed to be all perfectly nice people, the sort of people who go on cruises and on tours and all the rest of it.

Then I got a letter from the company who run these tours saying that Mr Rafiel before his death had made a reservation for me knowing that I should enjoy a trip very much, and wanting to give it me as a surprise present.

Intimate, comprehensive tours and knockout tastings make this one of my favorite wineries to visit.

Be sure to book a spot on a tour in advance, as tours fill up quickly.

Local bike tours will rent you a bike, take you on one of their organized excursions to wineries, provide a gourmet lunch featuring local foodstuffs, and also carry any wine you purchase and even help with shipping it home.

Adjoining the main building is the Atkinson House, which chronicles more than 100 years of winemaking history during public tours at 1 and 3pm.

Along with the basic tour, you can pay extra for more exclusive, specialized tours as well.

Half-hour tours include a trip through the caves and take you into the bowels of the immense wooden structure that houses the fermentation tanks and tasting room.