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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Owens is a dangerous playmaker with six touchdown catches.
▪ He was beaten on three touchdown passes, two by the Seahawks' Joey Galloway.
▪ Hostetler capped the drive by evading the pass rush, scrambling to his left and lofting a four-yard touchdown pass to Jett.
▪ He completed 25 of 37 passes for 271 yards, but threw two interceptions and only one touchdown pass.
▪ Hostetler connected with his old favorite, Brown, for a 19-yard touchdown pass.
▪ He dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass in the end zone on fourth down against Green Bay with 11 seconds left.
▪ In one game in the exhibition season, Raiders coach Mike White challenged a call on a touchdown pass.
▪ Steve Young threw him a 44-yard touchdown pass.
▪ Troy Aikman threw a six-yard, third-down touchdown pass to tight end Eric Bjornson after a six-play, 15-yard drive.
▪ Sherman Williams and Emmitt Smith scored on short touchdown runs in the second half.
▪ That set a 36-yard touchdown run by Davis, who carried 14 times for 69 yards in the game.
▪ Lawrence Phillips ripped off a 42-yard touchdown run seconds later.
▪ On the next, Black busted up the middle for a 24-yard touchdown run and the Cougars had a 7-6 lead.
▪ Kaufman nearly broke a long touchdown run in the first quarter, but he ran into teammate James Jett downfield.
▪ Palmer also set up Charles Evans' one-yard touchdown run with a 62-yard punt return.
▪ Antonio Cooks added two rushes for 97 yards, including a 76-yard touchdown run on a busted play.
▪ New York cut the Dolphin lead to 24-17 with a 43-yard touchdown run by Adrian Murrell with 7: 37 left.
▪ Fast players stretch the 80-yard field, allowing for quick-strike touchdowns.
▪ Both plays led directly to Dallas touchdowns, which led directly to the outcome.
▪ Tshimanga Biakabutuka, Panthers, rushed for 104 yards and two touchdowns to lead Carolina over Atlanta.
▪ The Cowboys have only three rushing touchdowns this season.
▪ The Raiders have not had a rushing touchdown since Williams scored against Dallas on Nov. 19, 1995.
▪ That, as much as anything, may explain why Kirby has five rushing touchdowns.
▪ But with all those carries, he scored just two rushing touchdowns.
▪ The 49ers hero was running back Amp Lee, who rushed for 134 yards and scored two touchdowns.
▪ They had not scored an offensive touchdown; their only touchdown came on an interception return by Terry McDaniel.
▪ Mark Riley scored London's touchdown just before the break.
▪ And you scored your first touchdown in more than two years.
▪ Sherman Williams and Emmitt Smith scored on short touchdown runs in the second half.
▪ I always wanted to win and to score a touchdown on top of it.
▪ The first four times the 49ers got inside the Ram 5-yard line, they scored only one touchdown.
▪ Last season he caught a career-high 122 passes for 1, 848 yards and scored 16 touchdowns.
▪ Troy Aikman threw three touchdown passes and Emmitt Smith rushed three yards for the winning touchdown with less than three minutes left.
▪ Steve Young threw him a 44-yard touchdown pass.
▪ Troy Aikman threw two touchdown passes in their 16-10 defeat of the Phoenix Cardinals.
▪ He threw 17 touchdown passes and only five interceptions to finish with a 100. 7 rating.
▪ That one sent the Raiders spiraling into a realm of hopelessness after Elway threw a late game-winning touchdown pass.
▪ Humphries responded by throwing four touchdown passes, including three to Tony Martin.
▪ But he threw for only 59 touchdowns in that time.
▪ Klingler threw three touchdown passes, two of them covering more than 60 yards.
▪ He walked ninety-eight yards for the winning touchdown and when they got the flashlight fixed, there he was under the goalposts.
▪ Evans followed with a nine-yard run and Hoard went off-tackle untouched for the winning touchdown on the next play.
▪ Airport officials said there had been no hint of trouble until radio contact was suddenly lost three minutes from touchdown.
▪ Bernard Ford scored their only touchdown in the fourth quarter.
▪ Fast players stretch the 80-yard field, allowing for quick-strike touchdowns.
▪ John went in for the touchdown, and we won the game.
▪ The Raiders have not had a rushing touchdown since Williams scored against Dallas on Nov. 19, 1995.
▪ Troy Aikman threw two touchdown passes in their 16-10 defeat of the Phoenix Cardinals.
▪ Williams promptly hit James Jett on a halfback pass, for an 18-yard touchdown.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Touchdown \Touch"down`\ (t[u^]ch"doun`), n. (Football) The act of touching the football down behind the opponents' goal; also the score (6 points) resulting from such a play.

Safety touchdown. See under Safety.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1864, originally in rugby, where the ball is literally touched down on the other side of the goal, from verbal phrase (by 1859 in sports), from touch (v.) + down (adv.). As "landing of an aircraft" from 1935.


n. 1 (context American football Canadian football English) A six-point score occurring when the ball enters possession of a team's player in the opponent's end zone. Analogous to a try in rugby. 2 (context aviation English) The moment when an aircraft or spacecraft makes first or final contact with the ground during a landing. 3 (context rugby English) A try

  1. n. a score in American football; being in possession of the ball across the opponents' goal line

  2. a landing (as the wheels touch the landing field); especially of airplanes


A touchdown is a means of scoring in both American and Canadian football. Whether running, passing, returning a kickoff or punt, or recovering a turnover, a team scores a touchdown by advancing the ball into the opponent's end zone.

Touchdown (Bob James album)

Touchdown is the sixth album by Bob James.

Touchdown (T.I. song)

"Touchdown" is a song by American hip hop recording artist T.I., taken from his fifth studio album T.I. vs. T.I.P. (2007). The song features vocals from fellow American rapper Eminem, who also produced the song alongside his frequent collaborator Jeff Bass. The song, although not officially released as a single received considerable airplay on the radio, as well as on Monday Night Football, during the 2007 NFL season.

Touchdown (disambiguation)

A touchdown is the primary method of scoring in American and Canadian football.

Touchdown may also refer to:

Touchdown (Game song)

"Touchdown" is a song by the West Coast rapper The Game from his third album LAX. The song features the R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn.

Touchdown (Brakes album)

Touchdown is the third album from the Brighton-based band Brakes, released in 2009.

Touchdown (Trackshittaz song)

"Touchdown" is a song by Austrian duo Trackshittaz. The song was released in Austria as a Digital download on 14 June 2011. The song peaked to number 48 on the Austrian Singles Chart.

Touchdown (mascot)

Touchdown, or the Big Red Bear, is the unofficial mascot of Cornell University. The first mascot was a black bear introduced in 1915 by the Cornell University Athletic Association. Three more live bears over the course of approximately two decades also made appearances at Cornell until the live bear was replaced by costumed students some years later. Touchdown appears on the logo for Cornell Athletics.

Touchdown (1931 film)

Touchdown is a 1931 American Pre-Code football movie directed by Norman Z. McLeod and starring Richard Arlen, Peggy Shannon, Jack Oakie and Regis Toomey. Jim Thorpe and Herman Brix appear uncredited as unbilled football players.

Touchdown (JTR album)

Touchdown is the debut album of the Swedish boy band JTR made of the three brothers John, Tom and Robin Lundbäck. It was released MGM label in Australia on 7 March 2014 immediately following their debut single "Ride" after they finished seventh in season 5 of the Australian version of The X Factor. It peaked at number 44 in the ARIA Albums Charts.

After a tour of the band in Sweden, the album was released in November 2014 in Sweden on Sony Music Entertainment / Sony Music entering Swedish Sverigetopplistan Albums Chart at number 52.

Usage examples of "touchdown".

But once within the airspace boundary of the Europan Demarchy, trafficmanagement co-opted the flitter, vectoring it into a touchdown corridor.

DuLafayette Webster, Heisman trophy winner for the Elton State Comanches, scored three touchdowns singlehandedly in the first half of the Fujitsu Guacamole Bowl on Christmas Night.

An ippon is like a home-run in baseball with the bases loaded, or a touchdown in the final seconds in football: a game-winning score.

If you witnessed the game between the eleven of the Orphion Academy and the Oakdale Football Club, which decided the championship by a single point in favor of the former, you were thrilled by the sight of the half-back, who, at a critical point in the contest, burst through the group which thronged about him, and, with a clear field in front, made a superb run of fifty yards, never pausing until he stooped behind the goal-posts and made a touchdown.

Half a minute before touchdown, Ries braced his feet against Pawlak and pushed.

It was Styler who had crushed the knuckles and bones and it would have to be Styler who was paid back, which now meant that the play required more than a touchdown to be successful.

The Tewels boy had caught three passes and scored the winning touchdown on a reverse.

And she instantly delivered it to Man O War, watching him pull it in and turn upfield, a half step taken when a whippet-like ABM hit the broken hand with his helmet, splitting both helmet and cast, the ball bouncing just once before a second whippet scooped it up and galloped in for a touchdown.

With the game scoreless half way through the first quarter, Bernie Kosar threw a fifty-six yard touchdown pass to Webster Slaughter.

Merrimac all rich with broken pines and browns, fall, the whistle was just shrilled to end the third quarter in the wintry November field where crowds and me and father stood watching scuffling uproars of semipro afternoons like in the days of old Indian Jim Thorpe, boom, touchdown.

After he had literally knocked down a wooden goalpost while catching a touchdown pass he had acquired the nickname Sherman, in reference to the tank, and I seldom heard anyone call him Abner, which was his given name.

Then he seated himself at the pilot console awaiting touchdown on Tania Borealis.

Every version of Harper's Touchdown is going to need new counteragents against the cyclic insect mutations, for instance.

And kept her there, cursing steadily and viciously, all through reentry and touchdown.

  Vrl had been awakened two ship weeks before touchdown to be apprised of the necessary routine of report and contact with the other two sections.