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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Grivet \Griv"et\ (gr[i^]v"[e^]t), n. [Cf. F. grivet.] (Zo["o]l.) A monkey of the upper Nile and Abyssinia ( Cercopithecus griseo-viridis), having the upper parts dull green, the lower parts white, the hands, ears, and face black. It was known to the ancient Egyptians. Called also tota.


n. A kind of monkey, the grivet or waag.

Tota (bishop)


Tota (also Thoha, Totta, or Toha), was a Bishop of Selsey when Sussex was being ruled by Offa of Mercia.

Not very much is known of Tota but he is recorded as present at a church council (Synod of Calcuthiens) attended by papal legates in 786. He was consecrated between 781 and 786.

Tota died between 786 and 789.


Tota may refer to:

  • Tota (bishop), the Bishop of Selsey (in what is now England) in 786
  • Tota, Boyacá, a town and municipality in Boyacá Department, Colombia
  • Tota, Benin, an arrondissement in the Kouffo department of Benin
  • Lake Tota, a lagoon in Colombia
  • Tales of the Abyss, a 2005 role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 and later Nintendo 3DS
  • A clan of the Bharwad people of India
  • Tota Roy Chowdhury, a Bengali, Indian male actor
  • Tota Singh, Indian politician
  • Vincenzo Tota, Italian medical doctor specializing in sports medicine
  • Matthieu Tota, commonly known as M. Pokora, French singer and songwriter
  • Tota, a nickname of Uruguayan international footballer Diego Alfredo Lugano Moreno
  • Tota, a nickname of former Mexican international footballer Antonio Carbajal
  • André Tota, former French footballer
  • Toda Aznárez, also Teuda de Larraun or Tota, (c. 885–aft. 970), queen-consort of Pamplona

Usage examples of "tota".

Gratama has ventured to advance two propositions entirely devoid of proof: "Decem priores tabulas ab ipsis Romanis non esse profectas, tota confirma Decemviratus Historia," et "Hermodorum legum decemviralium ceri nominis auctorem esse, qui eas composuerit suis ordinibus, disposuerit, suaque fecerit auctoritate, ut a decemviris reciperentur.