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n. A Japanese breed of fighting dog


Tosa can refer to:

  • Japanese terms:
    • Geography:
      • In Kōchi Prefecture
        • Tosa, Kōchi (city)
        • Tosa, Kōchi (town), a town
        • Tosa District, Kōchi
      • Tosa province or Tosa Domain, now known as Kōchi Prefecture
    • Tosa dialect
    • Tosa school of painting, represented by:
      • Tosa Mitsunobu
      • Tosa Mitsuoki
    • Tosa-mi, or tataki, a cooking technique
    • A Japanese surname, e.g.:
      • Reiko Tosa, marathon runner
      • Kunihiko Tosa, karateka
    • Tosa (dog)
    • Tosa-class battleship
      • Japanese battleship Tosa, the lead ship of the Tosa class
    • The Sharp Zaurus model SL-6000
  • Two mountains in Europe:
    • Cima Tosa, a peak in the Brenta Dolomites
    • La Tosa in the Pyrenees
  • Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
  • The Tosa corner or hairpin of the San Marino Grand Prix race track
  • The TOSA Foundation
Tosa (dog)

The is a breed of dog of Japanese origin that is considered rare. It was originally bred in Tosa (present day Kōchi) as a fighting dog and still is today.

Usage examples of "tosa".

Tosa being too uninterested in the peccadillos of peasants to involve himself in this particular theft.

In recent years, Tosa, Choshu and Satsumas daimyos--depending on personal strength--had twisted the bureaucracy to increase their numbers until forced to send the added warriors home.