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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Torus \To"rus\ (t[=o]"r[u^]s), n.; pl. Tori (t[=o]"r[imac]). [L., a round, swelling, or bulging place, an elevation. Cf. 3d Tore.]

  1. (Arch.) A large molding used in the bases of columns. Its profile is semicircular. See Illust. of Molding.
    --Brande & C.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) One of the ventral parapodia of tubicolous annelids. It usually has the form of an oblong thickening or elevation of the integument with rows of uncini or hooks along the center. See Illust. under Tubicol[ae].

  3. (Bot.) The receptacle, or part of the flower on which the carpels stand.

  4. (Geom.)

    1. The surface described by the circumference of a circle revolving about a straight line in its own plane.

    2. The solid inclosed by such a surface; -- sometimes called an anchor ring.

      Syn: Syn.
      --3d Tore[2].

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1560s, in architecture, "large, rounded molding at the base of a column," from Latin torus "a swelling, bulge, knot; cushion, couch."


n. 1 (context topology English) A topological space which is a product of two circles. 2 (context mathematics English) The standard representation of such a space in 3-dimensional Euclidean space: a shape consisting of a ring with a circular cross-section: the shape of an inner tube or hollow doughnut. 3 (context topology in combination '''''n''-torus''' '''4-torus''' etc. English) The product of the specified number of circles. 4 (context architecture English) A molding which projects at the base of a column and above the plinth. 5 (context botany English) The end of the peduncle or flower stalk to which the floral parts (or in the Asteraceae, the florets of a flower head) are attached; see receptacle.

  1. n. a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle [syn: toroid]

  2. commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column [syn: tore]

  3. [also: tori (pl)]


In geometry, a torus (plural tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle. If the axis of revolution does not touch the circle, the surface has a ring shape and is called a torus of revolution.

Real-world examples of toroidal objects include inner tubes, swim rings, and the surface of a doughnut or bagel.

A torus should not be confused with a solid torus, which is formed by rotating a disk, rather than a circle, around an axis. A solid torus is a torus plus the volume inside the torus. Real-world approximations include doughnuts, vadai or vada, many lifebuoys, and O-rings.

In topology, a ring torus is homeomorphic to the Cartesian product of two circles: S × S, and the latter is taken to be the definition in that context. It is a compact 2-manifold of genus 1. The ring torus is one way to embed this space into three-dimensional Euclidean space, but another way to do this is the Cartesian product of the embedding of S in the plane. This produces a geometric object called the Clifford torus, a surface in 4-space.

In the field of topology, a torus is any topological space that is topologically equivalent to a torus.

Torus (disambiguation)

A torus, pl. tori, is a type of surface. It may also refer to:

In biology:

  • The thickened part of a stem, the receptacle, from which the flower and fruit parts grow
  • Torus, a structure of the xylem
  • A synonym for a sagittal keel, a structure found in crania.

In mathematics:

  • Torus knot
  • Algebraic torus
  • Umbilic torus
  • Genus-2 surface, also called "double torus"
  • Maximal Torus

In medicine:

  • Torus palatinus, a bony growth on the palate
  • Torus mandibularis, a bony growth on the mandible
  • Torus fracture, a term used in radiology to describe an incomplete fracture of the distal radius in children where there is no obvious fracture line on any radiograph.

In nuclear physics:

  • Torus (nuclear physics), a subtype of tokamak
  • Joint European Torus, an experimental nuclear fusion reactor

In astrophysics:

  • Three-torus model of the universe, a model for describing the shape of the universe

In architecture:

  • A semicircular molding - see Molding (decorative)#Types

In music:

  • Torus (album), a 2013 album by Sub Focus
  • Torus, a Dutch producer
Torus (album)

Torus is the second studio album by Sub Focus. The album was released on 30 September 2013 through RAM Records, Mercury Records and Virgin EMI.

Usage examples of "torus".

In all his life he had never been anywhere as unequivocally alien as here, inside a giant torus of cold, compressed gas orbiting a black hole - itself in orbit around a brown dwarf body light years from the nearest star - its exterior studded with ships - most of them the jaggedly bulbous shapes of Affront craft - and full, in the main, of happy, space-faring Affronters and their collection of associated victim-species.

As Playday dawned, with the crowd around the torus getting thicker all the while, he snatched a pouch of moonmist and set it to his lips.

Tori Stormbird, the high, broad Kwaklahmyn cheekbones, strong jaw and cleft chin.

Then, somehow, Tori, the other, and all but three of the changers were gone.

Had the false clicks been random, they would have caused the zinc torus to wobble on its way to smelting, or recognizably wrong information about its function to have been applicable to dielectrics instead of conductors, say, which would have given the Snowflake pause and made it ask again.

Until then, she takes occasional trips to New California, a mere torus but very pleasant, or sometimes to Heaven Orleans, the "Europe of space cities," and for the time being lives in a 7 bedroom apartment in an archology in Arizona , only 33 minutes via air-taxi from Hollywood.

Looking ahead on the decametric radio bandwidths, he could see Io’s Jupiter-thick plasma torus and, at right angles to the torus, Io’s flux tube running like wide horns to Jupiter’s north and south poles.

The nutritional needs of the Memecast citizen - the Meme - were met by motile choi machines that worked intensive biofactories seeded throughout the torus.

The Zaibatsu's smallest domes were held by a profusion of pirates and privateers: the Hermes Breakaways, the Gray Torus Radicals, the Grand Megalics, the Soyuz Eclectics, and others, who changed names and personnel as easily as they cut a throat.

There was an appointment book on the secretary's burlwood desk, but she did not ask Tori if she wished to make an appointment.

The Viscous Circle as Cirl envisioned it was a tremendous swirl of color, perhaps as big as the universe, turning quickly at the center, slowly at the fringe, so that its internal structure was constantly charging while its external torus shape remained constant.

Caleb manipulated the joyball to bring up a display of a double torus contain ing two simple dosed curves.

Without a word Tori reached out, caught him by the wrist just as he was about to pluck the stone beetle off Estilo.

When Tori found him in the alley behind her apartment shot to death with his own Colt pistol, she was hardly surprised.

The new jail cell is indeed in a big scary old building somewhere in the torus of major governmental institutions that surrounds the dead hole of Intramuros.