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Torre (plurals torri and torres) means tower in seven Romance languages ( Portuguese, Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Italian, Occitan and Corsican) and may refer to:

Torre (river)

The Torre ( Friulian: Tôr; ) is a river of the Province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, northeast Italy. It is the main right tributary of the Isonzo; the Torre together with its own tributary the Natisone drain a large part of the Isonzo basin.

The river rises in the Julian Prealps at around above sea level. It flows through the communes of Tarcento and Reana del Rojale, where, as a result of the karst topography, it disappears underground. From close to the eastern periphery of the city of Udine it follows a discontinuous course until joined by the Natisone near Trivignano Udinese.

From here it flows briefly in the Province of Gorizia, receiving the torrent Judrio from the left, before returning to the Province of Udine and flowing into the Isonzo.

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Torre (Serra da Estrela)

Torre (English: Tower) is the highest point of Mainland Portugal, and the second most elevated of the Portuguese Republic (only Mount Pico, in the Azores, is higher). This point is not a distinctive mountain summit, but rather the highest point in a mountain range. Torre has an unusual feature of being a summit that is accessible by paved road, the Regional Road 339 (R 339), formerly National Road 339 (N 339).

It is located in a mountain range named Serra da Estrela, on the border between the municipalities of Seia, District of Guarda and Covilhã, District of Castelo Branco.

The actual elevation of this area is 1,993 metres (6,637 feet), according to measures realized by the Instituto Geográfico do Exército (a military organization). Right in the highest point of the mountain range, situated in the middle of a roundabout, near a road that connects the cities of Seia and Covilhã, a trig point that shows the highest point in Serra da Estrela was built.

Near Torre, there are a restaurant, stores with typical products of this region, like the Serra da Estrela cheese, and a ski center called Vodafone Ski Resort, situated in the municipality of Seia. However, the nearest urban area of this place is the city of Covilhã, away, and the nearest accommodations are situated in the village of Penhas da Saúde, 10 minutes away.

Torre (surname)

Torre is an Italian and Spanish surname meaning " tower". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arath de la Torre, Mexican actor
  • Carlos María de la Torre, Cardinal of Ecuador
  • Carlos Torre Repetto (1905–1978), chess grandmaster from Mexico
  • Della Torre, an Italian noble family
  • Diego de la Torre, Mexican football player
  • Eugenio Torre (born 1951), Filipino chess grandmaster
  • Francisco de la Torre (fl 1483–1504), Spanish composer
  • Frank Torre (1931-2014), American baseball player; brother of Joe Torre
  • Joe Torre (born 1940), American baseball player, manager and executive
  • José Aponte de la Torre, Puerto Rican politician
  • José Manuel de la Torre, soccer player
  • José María Torre, Mexican actor
  • Karl Wilhelm von Dalla Torre, Austrian entomologist
  • Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Argentine film director
  • Lisandro de la Torre, Argentine politician
  • Manuel de la Torre, Mexican football player
  • Marie Torre, American TV personality
  • Oscar Torre, Cuban-American actor
  • Pablo S. Torre (born 1985), American sportswriter
  • Pio La Torre, Italian statesman
  • Roma Torre, American news personality
  • Todd La Torre, American Singer
  • Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre, Peruvian political leader

Usage examples of "torre".

Enlarged, the chart showed Corredores Barranca, Torres Barranca, Barranca Mundial.

Torres, raising the two containers of hummel antidote he was carrying.

Shaking off the last of his shaggy hummel hair, one of the men Torres had just sprayed held out his hand.

Otherwise, one big boom would overwrite the noble end of Paris and Torres.

He learned his trade with the Torres Strait fleet, then contracted with a pearler moving west to the newer and richer grounds of Western Australia.

It reminded me of my Odyssey of New Guinea, the Solomons, Torres Strait, of the days when I was in turn trader, gold-seeker, pearler, recruiter of plantation labourers, of the times that were mine before the urge came upon me to settle awhile.

Torres has just informed me that an EPS submaster flow regulator will be needed to restore the phasers.

Thomson, Maria Torres, Audrey Verdin, Trina Wallace, Robert Ward, Stephen Wildman, Peter Wilkins, Perry Willett, Chris Willis, Michael Wolff and Karen Wolven.

Your sister Fiammetta is betrothed to Christ, Agata is promised to the son of Prince Torre Mosca, and you--your duty is to axcept the bridgroom we have found for you because we love you.

Nova Guinea and Terra Australis, and this is actually the latitude of Torres Strait.

Spanish description is as follows: Esta baya de sanct lorenco y puerto de monte Rey descubrio el capan y cauo luis vaes de Torres a 10 de agosto del ano de 1606 y porser el puerto tanbueno lepuso este nombre.

In 1989, after divorcing his first wife, a Las Vegas real estate broker named Lana Padilla, he married Marife Torres, a nineteen-year-old Filapina from Cebu City.

Torres from all extravehicular communication and remote sensor access until further notice.

Torres dropped down in front of a control console, peering into the footwell before putting her feet in it.

Torres Straits Islanders feared the ghosts but believed in the general friendly disposition of the spirits of the departed.