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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Torah \To"rah\, Tora \To"ra\, n.; pl. Toroth. [Heb. t[=o]r[=a]h.] (Jewish Lit.)

  1. A law; a precept.

    A considerable body of priestly Toroth.
    --S. R. Driver.

  2. Divine instruction; revelation.

    Tora, . . . before the time of Malachi, is generally used of the revelations of God's will made through the prophets.
    --T. K. Cheyne.

  3. The Pentateuch or ``Law of Moses.''

    The Hebrew Bible is divided into three parts: (1) The Torah, ``Law,'' or Pentateuch. (2) The Prophets (Nevi'im in Hebrew) . . . (3) The Kethubim, or the ``Writings,'' generally termed Hagiographa. From the first letters of these three parts, the word ``Tanakh'' is derived, and used by Jews as the name of their Bible, the Christian Old Testament.
    --C. H. H. Wright.


Torà is a town and municipality in the North East of the comarca ( county) of Segarra, in the province of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. The urban structure of the center has retained most of its original design, with narrow, twisting streets and blocks formed by rows of attached buildings. The Medieval town grew around a castle or fortified place (Thoranum castrum). A particular trait of the fortified origin of the town is the presence of a number of portals to allow several streets their pass through defensive barriers formed by the rows of buildings of the town and its walls. Torà is some 10 kilometers northeast from the more populated Guissona (6,145 inhabitants in 2010), a neighbor town that has experienced an important economic development in the last half century (mainly due to meat production and generation of a meat packing industry) parallel to an unprecedented demographic growth sped up in the recent years (from 3,060 inhabitants in 1998 to 6,145 in 2010).

The municipality stretches along la Vall (valley) de la Riera (creek or brook) de Llanera (the Valley of Llanera's Creek) up to the confluence with the Llobregós River. Its orography is rather uneven with the lowest point at 430m and peaks rising up to 850m above sea level. The North sector features el Tossal (a kind of hill) de l'Aguda (L'Aguda's Hill), el Tossal de Sant Donat (Snat Donat's Hill), and the creek named la Riera de Llanera flowing across. On the other hand, the South sector features the hills el Tossal de Sant Pere and el Tossal de la Pineda, crossed by la Riera de Cellers, one of the Riera de Llanera's tributary brooks merging on its left. The town is settled by the left bank of the creek la Riera de Llanera, near the confluence with the Llobregós River, at the bottom of the mountain range la Serra de l'Aguda.
In 1968, the former municipality of Llanera was integrated to Torà.

Tora (Anna Vissi album)

Tora is the name of a 1988 music album by singer Anna Vissi. It was released in Greece and Cyprus by CBS Greece.

Tora (Chrispa album)

Tora (Now) is the debut album of popular Greek singer, Chrispa. It was released in Greece in 2003 by Alpha Records.

Tora (film)

Tora ( Assamese: তৰা) is an Assamese language children’s film directed by Jahnu Barua and produced by the Children's Film Society, India. The film was released in 2004. The film received the Best Children’s Film award in the 51st National Film Awards for the year 2003.

Tora (surname)

Tora is the surname of:

  • Apisai Tora (born 1934), Fijian politician
  • Bjarte Tørå (born 1953), Norwegian politician
  • James Tora (born 1956), Solomon Islands politician
  • Mirco Di Tora (born 1986), Italian swimmer
  • Semisi Tora (born 1979), Fijian rugby league player
Tora (band)

Tora are an Australian electronic band formed in Byron Bay in May 2013. The founding members are Thorne Davis on drums; Shaun Johnston on bass guitar; Jo Loewenthal on lead vocals, guitar, and samples; Jai Piccone on vocals and guitar; and Tobias Tunis-Plant on vocals and synthesiser. Aside from electronica they perform in the new-age genre, chillwave. They have undertaken Australian and international tours. Their tracks have received high rotation on national radio station, Triple J's playlist.

Usage examples of "tora".

The Captain held the first charge, parried the blow and locked sword to sword, then twisted and hacked at Saigo as two other samurai attacked Tora, the last staying in reserve as ordered.

Tora only half listened as Anna harangued her about the idiocy of her actions.

Tora Bora was going, Franks voiced to his staff dissatisfaction with Lieutenant General Paul Mikolashek, his successor at Third Army, who was overseeing the land war in Afghanistan from Camp Doha, Kuwait.

Konduz, Qandahar, and Tora Bora, they fought hard, just as the Iraqi Republican Guard did.

Cassia tora: conjoint circumnutation of cotyledons and hypocotyl, traced on vertical glass, from 7.

Here is a more interesting case: seedlings of Cassia tora in two pots, which had stood for some time on the table in the room just described, had their cotyledons horizontal.

This is the case with the hypocotyl of Cassia tora, and we were struck with the same fact with some other seedlings, for instance, those of Reseda odorata.

A hypocotyl of Cassia tora moved in the evening in a somewhat zigzag line towards the failing light until 6 P.

The hypocotyl of a young seedling of Cassia tora, similarly placed, became vertical in 12 h.

Likewise, in Afghanistan, the Taliban's allies and foreign volunteers broke under four weeks of bombing, but the more determined and disciplined core Taliban and al-Qa'eda units did not--and at Konduz, Qandahar, and Tora Bora, they fought hard, just as the Iraqi Republican Guard did.

The destruction of the patrol boat above Helium the night of the abduction of Sanoma Tora was now quite clear to me, and when Nur An told me later that Tul Axtar had sent experimental fliers to attack Tjanath, I understood why it was that the blue flier in which Tavia and I had arrived had caused such consternation, but the thought that upset my mind almost to the exclusion of the plight of Sanoma Tora was that somewhere in the thin air of dying Barsoom a great Heliumetic fleet was moving to attack Jahar, or at least that was what I supposed since I had no reason to doubt that the message that I had given to the majordomo of Tor Hatan's palace had not been delivered to the Warlord.

Multimillionaire Osama bin Laden lived in a cave (and is now D-E-D dead under a Daisy Cutter in Tora Bora).

As the mujaheddin did during the Soviet oc­cupation, al Qaeda and Taliban fighters were using the Tora Bora cave bunkers, accessible only by mule, as hideaways and depots.

She recognized some of the faces from the night-shift: Lieutenant Tora Rhada at the helm and Sean DePaul at navigations, Elizabeth Palmer at communications and Richard Washburn at engineering.

A task force led by theDefiant retakes Terok Nor, with help from Kira's resistance group, which now includes Gul Skrain Dukat's daughter, Tora Ziyal.