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Etymology 1 n. 1 A topographic map. 2 (cx climbing English) A map or sketch of a climbing route Etymology 2

a. topographic.


Topo or TOPO may refer to:

  • Topo (Calheta), a civil parish in the municipality of Calheta, in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores
  • Topo (climbing), in climbing, a guide for a crag or climbing area
  • Topo (robot), a robot aimed at the consumer and educational market, produced during the 1980s by Androbot
  • Topography or topographic map
  • Trioctylphosphine oxide, abbreviated as TOPO
  • TOPO cloning, in genetics
  • Los Topos, a 1970s California theatre group, one of whose members was also known as Topo
  • Topo (DC Comics), a fictional character in the Aquaman series
  • Topo Gigio, a popular Italian puppet character, made famous by appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show
  • Topos de Tlatelolco, an earthquake and natural disaster search and rescue squad from Mexico

El Topo may refer to:

  • El Topo, 1970 Mexican film
  • El Topo (Puerto Rican singer/songwriter), stage name for Antonio Caban Vale
Topo (Calheta)

Topo, also known as Nossa Senhora do Rosário, is a civil parish on the northeastern corner of the municipality Calheta on the island of São Jorge. It is considered the first settlement on the island of São Jorge to attain the status of municipality; from 1510 to 1867 "Vila do Topo" was the municipal seat of Topo, which included the neighboring parish of Santo Antão. The population in 2011 was 508, in an area of 9.24 km².

Topo (climbing)

Topo in climbing is a term which refers to the graphical representation (sketch drawing or a photograph with routes depicted) of a climbing route. It is also used for a climbing guidebook of a crag or climbing area in which most routes are described graphically by such topos.

Individual topo gives the approximate shape of the route, the important rock formations close to the route and details of the grade and protection of each section of the climb. Topo guides usually also include the length of the climbs, where exactly each climb starts, and how to get to the area of the climbs. It will usually specify if a climb is a sport climb (with fixed protection) or a trad climb (traditional, e.g. needing gear to install protection during climb).

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Topo (robot)

Topo is a robot designed in the 1980s by Androbot Inc., for the consumer and education markets. It was programmable via Apple II and there was also a user made program for the Windows 9x operating systems. The programming language allows the robot to perform a set of geometric movements, to move about a room and perform tasks. It was like a servant robot, although it did not truly meet the requirements of a robot, as it had no sensors to use to receive input and then make decisions accordingly.

The robots were sold commercially starting in early 1983, and were intended to be inexpensive, lacking a complicated manipulating device. Units were beige molded plastic with two drive wheels as "feet" and stood about 36 inches tall. Arms on Topo 1 and 2 would fold out, but Topo 3 lacked arms altogether. Operation was based on one of two programming languages, either Apple BASIC, a modified version of the Logo language, or a version of Forth.

Communication was via a radio or infrared transmitter attached to a personal computer. Topo 2 and 3 used an infrared transmitter, and could be controlled by a four way pad on the top of their head that also served as the infrared receiver.

In its final versions, Topo abilities included a text-to-speech processor, so that users could program their robots to wander around the house and "speak" to humans. However, a fourth model was made but it never went into production (a Topo IV sheet was mailed during the final days of Androbot). It was more like the B.O.B. (Brains On Board, an unreleased robot that was produced after the Topo series) robot than a Topo. <!--

Topo (DC Comics)

Topo is a fictional character that has appeared in various comic books published by DC Comics, notable as a loyal sidekick to Aquaman and often aids him and his allies in combat.

Usage examples of "topo".

Tapping his right temple twice with a forefinger, he sent his scan topo map to the entire Family.

His problem was the topo and mapping gear, which he alone carried in the Family.

A good firm forward-pointing triangle stood out against the topo map of the rumpled valley.

They would have integrated the Family Rook topo display into his sensorium, too, as was traditional.

Starlight reflected on snowfields higher than my own altitude, so to be cautious, I stowed the penlight, pulled on the night-vision glasses, and continued to check my position against the topo map.

I had been aware that I had been climbing for the past forty minutes as I checked my route above the Pinion Plateau on the creased topo map, but now I felt the altitude as the depth of that great crevice in this part of Aquila became visible ahead.

Gravity was indicated by a network of faint blue lines, like the lines on a topo map.

I looked at it and cursed and ran upstairs to double-check the signal position against my topo map.

Letty works for the BLM, and they have really good topo maps, so she could tell me exactly where Bobo was: just inside the mouth of an abandoned mine.

He turned on his mapper and a true-color topo map of the area materialized in front of the Over Master.

Tony showed them the route on the topo map, pointing out the many hills that separated them from their destination.

Jan clutched a topo map in his hands and pointed out the way, and the pilot flew where he pointed.

Bandon came up in a standard military format, with topo lines and color-codings for vegetation types.