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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

slang familiar form of address to a woman or girl, 1936, American English, short for tootsie, tootsy, from tootsy-wootsy (1895), a familiar form of address to a sweetheart, originally a playful or nursery name for a small foot, from childish pronunciation of foot (n.); compare tootsy.


Etymology 1 n. (plural of toot English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: toot) Etymology 2

n. (context slang sometimes derogatory English) babe, sweetie: a term used when addressing a young woman, especially one perceived as being sexually available.


Toots is a slang term similar in meaning to "babe" or "sweetie" or "honey".

Toots may also refer to:


  • Toots (nickname)
  • Aleksander Toots (born 1969), deputy director of the Estonian Internal Security Service

Fictional characters:

  • A title character in Toots and Casper, an American comic strip
  • One of the Bash Street Kids from The Beano comic
  • A character in Bunty, a British comic anthology
  • Joosep Toots, one of the main characters from Oskar Luts's novels Kevade, Suvis and Sügis

Other uses:

  • Toots (film), a 2006 documentary about restaurateur Toots Shor
  • 13079 Toots, an asteroid named after musician Toots Thielemans
  • Folkerts SK-2, a racing airplane nicknamed "Toots"
Toots (film)

Toots is a documentary film which outlines the life of Toots Shor (1903–1977), Manhattan's premier saloonkeeper from the year 1940 to the year 1959. At 18, he relocated from South Philadelphia to New York and became a speakeasy bouncer. In 1940, he opened his restaurant, Toots Shor's at 51 West 51st St., which was frequented by sports heroes, actors, mobsters, cops, politicians, visiting dignitaries, and writers. The film is commentated by Shor's daughter, Frank Gifford, Peter Duchin, former sports writers, and others as the filmmaker mixes still photographs, archive footage, including an appearance on " This Is Your Life," and an audio-tape interview from 1975 to present a portrait of New York during and after Prohibition and of a lovable, larger-than-life, uniquely New York public figure.

Toots (nickname)

Toots is the nickname of:

  • Toots Hibbert (born 1945), Jamaican ska and reggae musician, founder of Toots and the Maytals
  • Albert Holway (1902-1968), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Denis Kelleher (1931-2002), Irish former Gaelic footballer
  • Toots Meretsky (1912–2006), Canadian basketball player, part of the 1936 Olympic silver medal team
  • Toots Mondello (1911-1992), American swing jazz alto saxophonist
  • Toots Mondt (1894-1976), American wrestling promoter
  • Tommy Sampson (baseball) (1912-2002), American Negro League baseball player
  • Toots Shor (1903–1977), American restaurateur
  • Toots Shultz (1888-1959), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Toots Thielemans (born 1922), Belgian jazz musician
  • Les Tietje (1910-1996), American Major League Baseball pitcher

Usage examples of "toots".

I put an arm around Toots and an arm around Anna and give their teats a feel.

Anyway, Toots has found her rich American and she's getting him ready for the hook.

She wants to undress Toots and she thinks I ought to fuck her while she's asleep!

Then she sits down with her skirt tucked up in such a way that I can see her cunt and begins to feel Toots up.

Whatever else you might have against Toots, she's better tempered than most cunts .

Now Toots is hot, and when she's hot as she is now she can't cool of unless she's fucked and fucked and fucked and FUCKED!

But, well, she's so positive that Toots won't say anything to anyone .

They get together and go after each other, and Toots is just as filthy as Anna.

I can look into Anna's mop and watch what Toots is doing to that slippery peach she's biting.

I start fucking Toots and Anna is licking both of us, sucking Toots's fig and even while my dick is going in and out of it!

She pulls Toots off the couch and jumps on me, scratching and biting like a tiger.

While I'm ramming my cock into Anna I can look down at Toots lying sprawled on the floor with her legs apart so that I can see her fucked-out, juicy cunt .

While I'm giving her a little feel before pulling the covers up Toots calls me from the other room.

The rich American Toots has been trying to snag expresses a desire to meet some other, any other, Americans living in Paris .

He looks at it, sniffs it, and pushes one of his long fingers up it before Toots sees what's happening.