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Toni (1935 film)

Toni is a 1935 French drama film directed by Jean Renoir and starring Charles Blavette, Celia Montalván and Édouard Delmont. It is an early example of the casting of non-professional actors and on-location shooting - both of which would influence the Left Bank of the French New Wave movement. Examining the romantic interactions between a group of immigrants (both from abroad and other parts of France) working around a quarry and a farm in Provence, it is also generally considered a major precursor to the Italian neorealist movement. Luchino Visconti, one of the founding members of the later film movement, was assistant director on the film. It was based out of Marcel Pagnol's studios in Marseille and shot entirely on location in the South of France.

Although Toni is not among Renoir's most famous works, it continues to receive positive reviews from critics.


Toni is a given name. In English, it is often female, the male version being Tony. In Finnish, it is a male name, a form of Anttoni. In Bulgarian, Toni [Тони] may refer to either a male or a female. Tony and Toni have no separate equivalents in Bulgarian and Macedonian since the Cyrillic alphabet has one letter for both "y" and "i" ("и" as in Тони). In Hungarian, Tóni is also a male name. Toni may refer to:

Toni (album)

Toni is a 1956 studio album by Toni Harper, accompanied by the Oscar Peterson trio.

Toni (disambiguation)

Toni is a given name.

Toni may also refer to:

  • Luca Toni (born 1977), Italian footballer
  • Simon de Tosny, also spelled Toni, 12th-century English Cistercian monk and prelate
  • 924 Toni, an asteroid
  • Tōni Station, a railway station in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
  • Toni (1928 film), a British film by Arthur Maude
  • Toni (1935 film), a film by Jean Renoir
  • Toni (album), a 1956 studio album by Toni Harper
Toni (1928 film)

Toni is a 1928 British thriller film directed by Arthur Maude and starring Jack Buchanan, Dorothy Boyd and Forrester Harvey. It was made at Elstree Studios by British International Pictures and based on a play by Dion Titheradge.

Usage examples of "toni".

AnTonia, always called Toni, was facilities director, and her main responsibility was security.

She opened her medical case and took out a syringe already loaded—with morphine and a blood coagulant, Toni assumed.

In accordance with the Critical Incident Response Plan that Toni herself had devised, the security guards at the Kremlin had automatically phoned regional police headquarters at Inverburn to notify them of a red alert.

When his face caught the moonlight, Toni saw that it was Superintendent Frank Hackett—her ex.

During the trial, by accident, Toni had come across evidence that would have helped the defense.

The face of Toni Gallo, his father's security chief, came into his mind.

The scam relied on no one checking the computer's arithmetic—and no one had, until one day Toni Gallo saw Ronnie's wife parking a new Mercedes coupe outside Marks & Spencer's in Inverburn.

Odette was single and, since Toni had split up with Frank, they had been on holiday together twice.

When Toni showed him what Michael had done, would Stanley praise her for having figured it out so quickly, or fire her for letting it happen?

It had made Toni wonder whether anyone would ever love her the way Stanley had loved Marta.

It was important work, Toni knew, for readers believed the local press, whereas they were skeptical of national newspapers.

He said to Toni, "Mahoney is more important to us than all the British media put together.

But Toni could not contemplate becoming intimate with someone so shallow.

It was hard to take in eight new names at a time, but Miranda had a feeling Toni would remember them all.

The heavy eye makeup and the hair band told Toni that the picture had been taken in the sixties.