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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tonga \Ton"ga\, n. (Med.) A drug useful in neuralgia, derived from a Fijian plant supposed to be of the aroid genus Epipremnum.


Tonga \Ton"ga\, n. [Hind. t[=a]ng[=a], Skr. tama[.n]gaka.] A kind of light two-wheeled vehicle, usually for four persons, drawn by ponies or bullocks. [India]


Etymology 1 alt. (context India English) A light, two-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage used for transportation in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. n. (context India English) A light, two-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage used for transportation in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Etymology 2

n. (context medicine English) A drug useful in neuralgia, derived from a Fijian plant supposed to be of the aroid genus (taxlink Epipremnum genus noshow=1).


Tonga ( or ; Tongan: Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga), officially the Kingdom of Tonga, is a Polynesian sovereign state and archipelago comprising 169 islands of which 36 are inhabited. The total surface area is about scattered over of the southern Pacific Ocean. It has a population of 103,000 people of whom 70% reside on the main island of Tongatapu.

Tonga stretches over about in a north-south line. It is surrounded by Fiji and Wallis and Futuna ( France) to the northwest, Samoa to the northeast, Niue to the east, Kermadec (part of New Zealand) to the southwest, and New Caledonia (France) and Vanuatu to the farther west.

Tonga became known as the Friendly Islands because of the congenial reception accorded to Captain James Cook on his first visit in 1773. He arrived at the time of the inasi festival, the yearly donation of the First Fruits to the Tui Tonga (the islands' paramount chief) and so received an invitation to the festivities. According to the writer William Mariner, the chiefs wanted to kill Cook during the gathering but could not agree on a plan.

From 1900 to 1970, Tonga had British protected state status, with the United Kingdom looking after its foreign affairs under a Treaty of Friendship. The country never relinquished its sovereignty to any foreign power. In 2010, Tonga took a decisive step towards becoming a fully functioning constitutional monarchy, after legislative reforms paved the way for its first partial representative elections.

Tonga (disambiguation)

Tonga is a Pacific Island nation whose people are known as Tongans.

Tonga may also refer to:

Tonga (name)

Tonga as a given name or surname may refer to:

  • Tonga Fifita (born 1959), semi-retired professional wrestler
  • Tonga Lea'aetoa (born 1977), New Zealand-Tongan rugby union player
  • Tonga Mahuta (c. 1897 – 1947), New Zealand tribal leader
  • Lord Tonga Tuʻiʻafitu (born 1962), Tongan clergyman and politician
  • Charlie Tonga (born 1977), Tongan retired professional rugby league footballer and current coach of the Tongan national team
  • Esi Tonga (born 1988), Australian rugby league player, brother of Willie Tonga
  • Matangi Tonga (American football) (born 1988), American football player
  • Willie Tonga (born 1983), Australian rugby league player, brother of Esi Tonga

Usage examples of "tonga".

Tongas cut into her nerves, the stuffy gharry made her head ache, and the springless phaetons which abound in the East she avoided as the plague.

Savaii as the vaguely remembered traditional homeland of the Eastern Polynesians, Hawaiians, and New Zealand Maoris, one might expect to find that traditional memories of Tonga, as well as Samoa, persisted in the voyaging traditions of those peoples.

Samoa and Tonga persisted in Eastern Polynesian, Hawaiian, and New Zealand voyaging traditions, it is not surprising that traces of a previous knowledge of Fiji did also.

It was quite possible that Pereira and his companions had been murdered, though as we found the Tongas very quiet folk if well treated and given the usual complimentary presents for wayleaves, this did not seem probable.

The oldest land animals of any kind are tortoisesCaptain Cook gave one to the king of Tonga that supposedly lived one hundred eighty-eight yearsand some mollusks, like the ocean quahog, a thick-shelled clam, can last a couple of hundred years.

Australia and New Zealand: Abor Miri, Aneityum, Annamese, Balochi, Bentuni, Binandere, Cheremiss, Chungchia, Georgian, Houailou, Javanese, Kado, Kaili, Kopu, Kusaie, Lepcha, Lifu, Manchu, Manipuri, Manus Island, Marquesas, Mentawei, Mongolian, Mordoff, Mwala, Na-Hsi, Nicobarese, Niue, Ossete, Ostiak, Pali, Panjabi, Pashto, Perm, Petats, Samoan, Tho, Tibetan, Tonga, Vogul.

Antis Ecundor Newand Dangor Esthonia Dominica Bulgaria Reunion Italy Newfoundland Germany Luxemberg Angola Sarawak Tasmania Brazil Obock Oldenburg Kiauchau Tonga Obock Madagascar Egypt Afghanistan Trinidad Monaco Inhambane Denmark Nyassa Iceland Gabon Hayti Tunis The ink had not dried before The Shadow had completed the rapid listing.

On the narrow gauge rail from Joginder Nagar and on to Amritsar or doubling back to Simla and getting out in a tonga or the Toy Train to Kalka and on to Delhi.

Word has come that Memsahib Sharpe passed down the Mall ten minutes ago in a tonga.

The Forum, like the South Pacific Commission, has grown with the list of independent nations, and in 1987, its members were the Cook Islands, Fiji, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, the Solomons, Tonga, Tuvalu, the Federated States of Micronesia, Vanuatu and Western Samoa, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The problem is, how did Lapita ware travel to Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, where archaeologists have shown it to have arrived by 1500 B.

From Fiji it became known in Samoa and Tonga, and by the eighteenth century it had become known, but was still rare, in the Tahiti-Tuamotu sailing area.

On this journey he discussed with the Wesleyans in Tonga a possible arrangement whereby Samoa be considered L.

German settlers were developing plantations in Fiji and Samoa, and a handful of traders and wouldbe planters had become established in Tonga as well.

So for the next two hours Yoke and Cobb told Babs and Randy the whole story of what had happened in Tonga.