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n. (plural of toll English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: toll)

Usage examples of "tolls".

They paid tolls on the vast quantities of lime they had to haul for fertilizing their fields, and they paid frequent tolls because there were several different trusts in Carmarthenshire and they all had their gates and their charges.

I had no notion how many people there were in the world bent on cheating the tolls, for instance!

Babbacombe told Willitoft that if he knew so much about tolls he might mind the pike himself, and welcome!

There were, he knew, no further tolls on the roads or the bridges between here and his destination.

This was not the fastest or most direct route to his destination, but it was a heavily traveled route, without tolls, and therefore the safest route for him.

To force us to pay ever more and higher tolls at the gates so that we cannot go to and from market or bring the lime we need to fertilize our fields?

I thought I was prepared to see a lowering of the tolls to help my farmers.

Tegfan, Wyvern had disapproved of rising rents, the strict enforcement of tithe collection, and the high and frequent tolls the people had to pay at the tollgates.

Why did tolls have to be collected from farmers who were about their business, hauling lime, for example?

August 1844, improving the system of road tolls for the ordinary Welsh farmer.

Hope grew up pretty fast, though, what with smuggling and tolls and soldiers to supply.