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Tōkai ( 東海, literally East Sea) in Japanese may refer to:

  • Tōkai region, a subregion of Chūbu
  • Tōkai, Ibaraki, a village, also known as "Tokaimura" (Tokai-village)
  • Tōkai, Aichi, a city
  • Tōkai University, a private university in Tokyo
  • Tōkai Nuclear Power Plant, Ibaraki
  • 2478 Tokai, a main belt asteroid
  • Tōkai (train), a train service between Tokyo Station and Shizuoka Station
  • Tōkai Gakki or Tokai Guitars, a Japanese guitar company
  • Kyūshū Q1WTōkai, an anti-submarine bomber of Imperial Navy
  • Tōkai earthquakes, major earthquakes occurring regularly with an interval of 100 to 150 years
  • Tokaimura nuclear accident, a fatal criticality accident in Tōkai, Ibaraki on 30 September 1999

Tokai may refer to:

  • Tokai, Cape Town, a large residential suburb of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tokai (cartoon character), of Bangladesh, a creation of Rafiqun Nabi
  • Tokai lighter, a German disposable butane lighter
  • Tokai, Indonesian slang for Feces.
Tokai (character)

Tokai (Bangla: টোকাই), the longest survived cartoon character of Bangladesh, is a creation of Rafiqun Nabi or Ronobi, as he is widely known. Tokai, a street urchin of age below ten, is not only a character, it is a phenomenon in Bangladesh, acting as a witty outlet of the feelings of the people about current political and socio-economic condition of the nation. In fact the word tokai has become the colloquial synonym for street kids or dumpster divers in Bangladesh. Having bald head and pot-belly, Tokai became a national asset of Bangladesh. People love Tokai because he reflects their own thoughts in a simple yet witty manner. Tokai, who represents the most deprived people in the society, is the most loved cartoon character in Bangladesh.

Tōkai (train)

The was a limited express service which connected Tokyo Station and Shizuoka Station in Japan. The service was discontinued in March 2007 due to declining passenger numbers.