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cartoon character

n. A fictional character in a cartoon.

Usage examples of "cartoon character".

We told him he looked like Secret Squirrel, the old cartoon character, and the coat soon vanished.

One showed Tom Terrific, the cartoon character on Captain Kangaroo's program.

I crunch-clacked my way down corridors, then skidded around corners and scrambled like a cartoon character to get up speed for my next dash.

Look at it that way Oscar, they just claim parody, the worse this cartoon character of theirs is, the more they hold Bagby with all his posturings around up for ridicule the stronger their parody defense.

The camera panned back until he could see a tangle of naked limbs, including an arm whose biceps was tattooed with a little cartoon character Zach could just make out as Krazy Kat.

Jack suddenly realized that, although he was still running, he was running on thin air, like a cartoon character who has time for one surprised double-take before plunging two thousand feet straight down.

Sure he'd hit you square in the solar plexus with his shoulder and lift you off your feet like a cartoon character too astonished to register surprise before you landed, hard, on your ass, but it wasn't to hurt, like some guys, it was more to-well, impress.

She looked like some cartoon character in one of the oldest gags in the trade.

The words came out low and slow, almost the exclamation of an awestruck cartoon character.

If Bruce had been a cartoon character, his eyes would have been on foot‑.