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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A colonel in golf togs walked through.
▪ The higher the tog value of your duvet the warmer it will be.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tog \Tog\, v. t. & i. To put toggery, or togs, on; to dress; -- usually with out, implying care, elaborateness, or the like. [Colloq. or Slang]
--Harper's Weekly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1708, "outer garment," shortened from togman "cloak, loose coat" (1560s), thieves' cant word, formed from French togue "cloak," from Latin toga (see toga). Middle English toge "toga" (14c.) also was a cant word for "a coat."


Etymology 1 n. 1 A cloak. 2 clothes. vb. (context transitive English) To dress (often with ''out''). Etymology 2

adv. (context knitting English) (abbreviation of together English)

  1. v. provide with clothes or put clothes on; "Parents must feed and dress their child" [syn: dress, clothe, enclothe, garb, raiment, garment, habilitate, fit out, apparel] [ant: undress]

  2. [also: togging, togged]


Tog or TOG may refer to:

  • ACM Transactions on Graphics, a peer-reviewed scientific journal in computer graphics
  • Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini a usability consultant in the Nielsen Norman Group, specialising in human/computer interaction
  • Tales of Graces, the twelfth mothership title in the Tales video game series.
  • The Old Guys, a British TV sitcom
  • The Open Group, an organisation devoted to computing infrastructure standards
  • Times of Grace, an American metalcore duo
  • TOG, a hackerspace in Dublin, Ireland
  • Tog (unit), a unit of thermal resistance commonly used in the textile industry
  • TOG1 and TOG2 (for The Old Gang), two World War 2 British heavy tank prototypes. Never mass-produced.
  • TOGs, "Terry's Old Gits/Gals", listeners of the Terry Wogan show on BBC Radio 2
  • TOG, the IOC code of Togo
  • Tog, a type of monster in DragonFable.
  • " Tog" in New Zealand and Australia refers to swimming suits
  • Transporter-Opsin-G protein-coupled receptor (TOG) Superfamily, a classification of a particular group of membrane transport proteins.
  • The ISO 639-2 code of the Tonga (Nyasa) language
Tog (unit)
TOG (hackerspace)

TOG is a hackerspace in Dublin, Ireland. tóg is a word in the Irish language; one of its meanings is 'to build or construct'.

Usage examples of "tog".

Who put ta creat cranson of Inverriggen should pe cutting ta troat of ta tog Clenlyon!

A cow-puncher togged up like he was going after the snakiest bronk in the country, when he was only going to drive to town in a buckboard!

The captain called both Ronny Bronston and Tog Lee Chang Chu to the bridge.

I had to sack him because he did bite one of the other kids whose father happens to be on the Council, and, of course, I must admit he had one of those hoarse, foggy, dock-side voices, with only one vowel-sound, like they all have in Brayne, but he would have looked a dream all togged up in a Fauntleroy suit.

Through the open doorway a slatternly woman was visible behind a plank set on a couple of kegs, dispensing what might charitably be termed whisky to a barefoot white man in the togs and tarred pigtail of a British sailor, a keelboatman whose clothing and body could be smelled from the door, and a couple of the weariest, grubbiest whores January had ever seen in his life.

I moored the plane between two boulders and removed my flying togs to don regulation exploring clothes for Arctic weather.

I knew he could not hold off an attack for long, and I dragged on the flying togs I had discarded before climbing to Midgard plateau.

The black reminded him unpleasantly of the sports togs worn by Billig and his yes men.

Lucy, in fancy new togs as well, cried like a banshee during the ceremony.

Both wore sleeved white tunics that were dirty and bedraggled, and leather leggings and soft buskins of leather: riding togs, and not peasantish.

He wiped off his hands on his togs, hoisted the pack onto his back and the rifle over one shoulder.

Starfish wiped his hands on his togs, the tremor of his fingers calmed for a moment.

Clio wiped her hands on her togs, breathing deeply to keep the shakes away.

She stood, pulled the zipper of her flight togs down far enough to grasp the chain around her neck and pull out her dog tag.

She liked sashaying around in her sexy workout togs and thong bikinis.