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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Taffy \Taf"fy\, n. [Prov. E. taffy toffy.]

  1. A kind of candy made of molasses or brown sugar boiled down and poured out in shallow pans. [Written also, in England, toffy.]

  2. Flattery; soft phrases. [Slang]


Etymology 1 n. (alternative spelling of toffee English) Etymology 2

a. (label en UK Australia NZ derogatory) posh, upper-class; snooty.


n. caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets [syn: brittle, toffee]

Usage examples of "toffy".

Flushed with praise and victory over Master Toffy, George wished naturally to pursue his conquests further, and one day as he was strutting about in prodigiously dandified new clothes, near St.

After my first accounts to him he had persisted in referring to it as a tuck-shop, a sort of place where schoolboys would exchange their halfpence for toffy, sweet-cakes, and marbles.