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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He was absolutely right to welcome the substantial increases that I have announced today for a range of programmes.
▪ The increase that I have announced today to some extent reflects weaker trading conditions and the recession.
▪ New rail franchises announced More new franchises, including the Thames and Chiltern lines, were announced today.
▪ The provisions I have announced today will allow us to continue the progress we have made in our important public services.
▪ However, I can confirm that the overall value of the ships with equipment that I have announced today approaches £400 million.
▪ Mr. McLeish Is the Secretary of State aware that the labour force survey was published today?
▪ What do you think would happen if Wuthering Heights were published today?
▪ Mr. Dorrell I am today publishing an assessment of the case for hospital hostels for people with serious mental illness.
▪ Two surveys whose findings are published today show that many voters are unsure about some main planks of Government policy.
▪ That has been published today, and there is a copy in the Library.
▪ In its report titled the Lost Land published today, it claims our countryside is disappearing at an alarming rate.
Today she and Charlie are driving to the beach.
Today, only a few of these beautiful animals survive.
▪ Couples today are much more likely to marry in their 30s.
▪ Kids today just don't understand the value of money.
▪ The cost to install solar panels has dropped from $20 a watt in 1980 to as little as $5 today.
▪ What did you do today?
▪ Accurate planetary observations being collected today will in time lead to more stringent tests for a tenth planet.
▪ But today the walk was just something to be accomplished as soon as possible.
▪ Makes him look more sexy, thought Juliet, and wondered what had come over her today.
▪ One might at least look to the best examples there may be today.
▪ The imaginative subject - these are the subjects I find most often given in school today.
▪ The same Oak Tree pub today doesn't seem to have many more companions.
▪ Well, we are all concerned with recycling today - or are we ...?
▪ No one can deny that many of the most bitter conflicts in the world today have religious components to them.
▪ Throughout the world today, people are dying to have somebody notice what they are doing and praise them.
▪ All around the world today political and religious fundamentalist movements are on the rise.
▪ Peter Drucker is probably the most prominent philosopher of business management in the world today.
▪ The other major system of political economy prevailing in the world today is socialism.
▪ This involves identifying the major problems in the world today.
▪ The descendants of a very few, transformed by natural selection, make up the world today.
▪ Nearly every conservative and liberal party in the world today champions the globalized economy.
Today is Friday.
▪ By today's standards, his ideas seem very old-fashioned.
▪ Have you heard today's news?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English todæge, to dæge "on (this) day," from to "at, on" (see to) + dæge, dative of dæg "day" (see day). Meaning "in modern times" is from c.1300. As a noun from 1530s. Generally written as two words until 16c., after which it usually was written to-day until early 20c.\n

\nSimilar constructions exist in other Germanic languages, such as Dutch van daag "from-day," Danish and Swedish i dag "in day." German heute is from Old High German hiutu, from Proto-Germanic *hiu tagu "on (this) day," with first element from PIE pronomial stem *ki-, represented by Latin cis "on this side."


adv. 1 On the current day or date. 2 In the current era; nowadays. n. A current day or date.

  1. n. the present time or age; "the world of today"; "today we have computers"

  2. the day that includes the present moment (as opposed to yesterday or tomorrow); "Today is beautiful"; "did you see today's newspaper?"

  3. adv. in these times; "it is solely by their language that the upper classes nowadays are distinguished"- Nancy Mitford; "we now rarely see horse-drawn vehicles on city streets"; "today almost every home has television" [syn: nowadays, now]

  4. on this day as distinct from yesterday or tomorrow; "I can't meet with you today"


Today may refer to:

  • Present, the time that is perceived directly, often called now.
Today (UK newspaper)

Today was a national newspaper in the United Kingdom that was published between 1986 and 1995.

Today (Australian TV program)

Today is an Australian breakfast television program, currently hosted by Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson. It has been broadcast live on the Nine Network since 1982. The program airs after Nine News: Early Edition and runs from 5:30am to 9:00am before Today Extra.

Today (Galaxie 500 album)

Today is the debut studio album by American dream pop band Galaxie 500. It was released in 1988 on the independent label Aurora Records.

Today (BBC Radio 4)

Today (often referred to as "the Today programme" to avoid ambiguity) is BBC Radio 4's long-running early morning news and current affairs programme, now broadcast from 6:00 am to 9:00 am Monday to Friday, and 7:00 am to 9:00 am on Saturdays. It is also the most popular programme on Radio 4 and one of the BBC's most popular programmes across its radio networks. It consists of regular news bulletins, serious and often confrontational political interviews, in-depth reports and Thought for the Day. Today has been voted the most influential news programme in Britain in setting the political agenda. The programme has 7.18 million listeners per week. It was voted the Best Breakfast Show of the Year at the 2010 Sony Radio Academy Awards.

Today (U.S. TV program)

Today (stylized as TODAY), also called The Today Show, is an American news and talk morning television show that airs on NBC. The program debuted on January 14, 1952. It was the first of its genre on American television and in the world, and is the fifth-longest-running American television series. Originally a two-hour program on weekdays, it expanded to Sundays (a one-hour program) in 1987 and Saturdays (running for two hours) in 1992. The weekday broadcast expanded to three hours in 2000, and to four hours in 2007.

Todays dominance was virtually unchallenged by the other networks until the late 1980s, when it was overtaken by ABC's Good Morning America. Today retook the Nielsen ratings lead the week of December 11, 1995, and held onto that position for 852 consecutive weeks until the week of April 9, 2012, when it was beaten by Good Morning America again. Today has maintained its No. 2 status since the summer of 2012 each year behind GMA. In 2002, Today was ranked No. 17 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

Today (The Smashing Pumpkins song)

"Today" is a song by American alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins, written by lead vocalist and guitarist Billy Corgan. The song, though seemingly upbeat, contains dark lyrics. Corgan wrote the song about a day in which he was having suicidal thoughts, exemplified by the reference to self-mutilation in the chorus. The contrast between the grim subject matter of the song and the soft instrumental part during the verses, coupled with use of irony in the lyrics, left many listeners unaware of the song's tale of depression and desperation. The song alternates between quiet, dreamy verses and loud choruses with layered, distorted guitar similar to the noisy guitar rock of My Bloody Valentine.

"Today" was released in September 1993 as the second single from the band's second album and major label debut, Siamese Dream. Although Corgan opted for " Cherub Rock", the lead single from the album, to be the opening track, "Today" and its follow-up " Disarm" are credited in AllMusic for popularizing the band and "sen[ding] [Siamese Dream] into the stratosphere". "Today" has been generally well received by critics; a Blender article described it as having "achieved a remarkable status as one of the defining songs of its generation, perfectly mirroring the fractured alienation of American youth in the 1990s."

Today (Elvis Presley album)

The Today sessions were held in RCA's Studio C, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, March 10–12, 1975, and marked the last time Elvis Presley would record in a studio. Elvis last recorded at Studio C, Hollywood in 1972 where he recorded the gold records "Burning Love" and "Separate Ways". At this time, Elvis was 40 years old. He was accompanied by his then-current girlfriend, Sheila Ryan. In the 2005 FTD [ TODAY] release from these sessions, Elvis asked her to "step up here Sheila, let me sing to ya baby" on Take 1 of Don McLean's " And I Love You So". He continued to make "And I Love You So" and "Fairytale" a part of his live concerts until his death. On stage, he often referred to "Fairytale" as the story of his life.

Today featured a new rock song, "T-R-O-U-B-L-E", which was released as its first single and went Top 40 in the US. "Bringin' It Back" was its second single in the US. The album also features covers of songs by Perry Como, Tom Jones, The Pointer Sisters, Billy Swan, Faye Adams, The Statler Brothers and Charlie Rich.

" Green, Green Grass of Home" was released as a single in the UK, where it went Top 30, and also received US airplay. Elvis first heard the song in 1967 while driving his bus back to Memphis after making another movie, and heard Tom Jones' new single "Green Green Grass of Home" for the first time and loved it. He had the Memphis Mafia call the local AM station to make them replay it over and over again. Eight years later Elvis cut his own version.

Today (Mel B song)

"Today" is a song by British singer-songwriter Melanie Brown. The song was written by Brown and produced by Kevin Malpass. It was the first and only single released from her second solo album, L.A. State of Mind. Released on 13 June 2005 in the United Kingdom, it entered and peaked at #41, charting for only one week. The music video was directed by Mark McConnell and filmed in Los Angeles, California. To promote the single, Brown performed the song on GMTV.

Today (group)

Today is an American R&B vocal group formed in 1988. The group comprised Frederick Lee "Bubba" Drakeford, Larry "Chief" Singletary, Wesley "Wes" Adams, and Larry "Love" McCain, childhood friends from Englewood, New Jersey.

Today (Junkie XL album)

Today is the fourth album by electronic music producer Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg). It was released in 2006 and features vocals by Nathan Mader and acoustic guitar by Holkenborg on several tracks.

Honey is dedicated to and named after the mother of Holkenborg's former fiance.

Today (Singapore newspaper)

TODAY is an English-language newspaper published by MediaCorp Press. MediaCorp, the newspaper's parent company is Singapore's largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore and the only terrestrial TV broadcaster in the country. MediaCorp have a 60% stake in TODAY while, Singapore Press Holdings owns 40% of TODAY. The newspaper is currently published and distributed from Monday to Saturday.

TODAY is distributed to selected homes upon subscription and for free at MRT stations, bus interchanges, selected food and beverage outlets, shopping malls among other public areas during the morning rush hour

Circulation currently stands at 300,000, with more than half of its readers being professionals, managers, executives and business people. It is the second-most-read English-language newspaper in Singapore, after The Straits Times.

Readership is 730,000 according to the Nielsen Media Index Report 2012.

Today (Poe song)

"Today" is a song Poe contributed to the soundtrack of the film Great Expectations in 1998. The song was released as a single in order to promote the film and soundtrack.

Category:Poe (singer) songs Category:1998 singles

Today (Perry Como album)

Today was Perry Como's 29th and final album for RCA Records and of his 50-year music career. This is also the penultimate recording ever made by Perry Como, the last being for a Christmas special in 1994. This album is also significant in that it was the first and only album of Como's career to be released contemporaneously in both vinyl LP format and compact disc.

The song " Wind Beneath My Wings", recorded for this album in 1987, two years before it was a hit for Bette Midler, was meant to be somewhat autobiographical. Como also sang this song some 5 years earlier as a tribute to Como's boyhood idol, Bing Crosby.

Today (Superpitcher album)

Today is a mix album made by German electronic music artist Superpitcher. It was released in 2005 on the Kompakt music label.

Today (EP)

Today is an EP released by Everlast in 1999 under the Tommy Boy record label. There are several versions of this CD. It includes the Grammy Award winning song "Put Your Lights On" with Carlos Santana.

Today (Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge album)

Today is collection of classic songs by The Brooklyn Bridge and The Crests, as well as other notable doo wop songs, that were re-recorded by the current line-up of Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge. The album was released on May 11, 2004 by Collectables Records. A follow-up titled Today, Volume 2 was released in 2009.

Today (Angela Aki album)

Today is the second studio album from Angela Aki. This album was released in two different versions. A limited edition CD+DVD version and a CD only version. It has topped the Oricon Top 200 Weekly chart and has so far sold over 200,000 copies.

Today (Jefferson Airplane song)

"Today" is a folk rock ballad written by Marty Balin and Paul Kantner from the band Jefferson Airplane. It first appeared on their breakthrough album, Surrealistic Pillow, with a live version later appearing on the expanded rerelease of Bless Its Pointed Little Head. Marty Balin said, "I wrote it to try to meet Tony Bennett. He was recording in the next studio. I admired him, so I thought I'd write him a song. I never got to meet him, but the Airplane ended up doing it." Jerry Garcia plays the simple, repetitive but poignant lead guitar riff on the song.

Today (Indian newspaper)

Today is defunct afternoon newspaper from the India Today Group. Founded on 29 April 2002. It was replaced by a newspaper called Mail Today, which is published by a joint venture with Daily Mail(part of the Associated Newspapers group).

Today (Gary Allan song)

"Today" is a song written by Brice Long and Tommy Lee James, and recorded by American country music artist Gary Allan. It was released in June 2009 as the lead-off single from his album Get Off on the Pain, released on March 9, 2010. It debuted at number 52 in July 2009.

Today (33Miles album)

Today is the third studio album from contemporary Christian band, 33Miles, it was released on October 5, 2010 through INO Records.

Today (2012 film)

Today is a 2012 French-Senegalese film directed by Alain Gomis. The film competed in competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012.

Today (The Statler Brothers album)

Today is a studio album by American country music group The Statler Brothers. It was released in 1983 via Mercury Records. The album peaked at number 193 on the Billboard 200 chart. It is the first Statler album to feature Jimmy Fortune, who replaced Lew DeWitt as the group's new tenor singer due to the latter's failing health.

Today (Irish TV series)

Today is a lifestyle show featuring several topical segments including health, cooking, men's & women's fashion, makeovers, DIY and travel as well as dealing with popular issues of the day.

The series returned for another season run from 22 September 2014 to 6 March 2015.

TODAY (production duo)

TODAY is a music production duo consisting of two members; Vinay Vyas and Justin Davey. They are currently based in Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC. Their styles include hip hop, R&B, and pop.

TODAY began their careers as understudies to Grammy nominated producer Kane Beatz, and closely collaborated with him throughout 2011. During the spring of 2012 they caught the interest of Mike Caren, then president of boutique publishing label Artist Publishing Group.

Today (Marty Robbins album)

Today (also titled Marty Robbins Today on the album disc label) is an album by American country music singer Marty Robbins (Martin David Robinson, September 26, 1925 – December 8, 1982) released in 1971 on the Columbia Records label (1972 in the UK). It reached No. 15 in the US country charts and No. 175 in the US album charts. The sleeve artwork was a reference to Marty Robbins passion for driving racing cars.

Today (2014 film)

Today is a 2014 Iranian drama film directed by Reza Mirkarimi. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It was selected as the Iranian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Today (Scooter song)

Today is a 2014 single by German musical group Scooter featuring Australian singer Vassy. It was released as the second single from their seventeenth album The Fifth Chapter.

Today (1960 TV series)

Today is an Australian television series which aired from 1960 to 1961 on Melbourne station GTV-9. Originally hosted by Barry McQueen, most episodes were hosted by Hal Todd. It was a morning series aired at 7:30AM, and running for 60 minutes (90 minutes on Saturdays). It included news, weather and exercise instruction. Following the end of the series, Hal Todd began hosting Toddy Time. Following the end of the series, GTV-9 stopped offering morning programming for several years. Previously, it had aired In Melbourne Today in a morning time-slot on Saturdays from 1957 to 1958.

Usage examples of "today".

Today, nearly everything you see around you is descended from those adaptable ones.

My brief case about yellow page advertising The most aggressive marketers in media today are yellow page salespeople.

Cawcaw went fishing agen today in the bote ferst i padled and he skiped and then he padeled and i skiped.

Today we remember the Lord of the Wind and how his magic aided us all, both you of Alata and we Romans shipwrecked upon your shores.

Much of this is widely known today, but what is not recognized beyond the groups of initiates themselves is that there is, surprisingly, an alchemical branch of both Tantra and Taoism.

I heard you say today you bought that Cowper alveolar drill of yours for fifty cents at an auction of the instruments of your old professor.

This junction produced a complicated pattern of lobes and saddles that is frequently seen in the ammonite fossils found today in Cretaceous marine deposits.

In modern times these ideas were developed by such men as Volta, Ampere, Watt, Bell, Edison, and Einstein, who provided the basis for most of the technical wonders of today.

Glancing at Lyode, Kamoj wondered if her bodyguard shared her concern about seeing Lionstar on Argali lands today.

Today, first sentences and first paragraphs of any writing are increasingly important for arousing the restless reader.

They must be delivered today, absolutely, to Superintendent Ascan personally, at the police station on Rue des Prouvaires.

But today was market day down in Aspic Hole, and the pungent slick of dung-smell and rot that rolled over New Crobuzon was, in these streets, for these hours, improved with paprika and fresh tomato, hot oil and fish and cinnamon, cured meat, banana and onion.

Bannister was a medical student at the time he set his record -- inconceivable today, when athletics is itself a full-time job.

As for the attendees, those brave 268 of the Worldcon Pleistocene who tiptoed past the cornflakes, they included a good many whose names are still familiar today.

You go through this audition today like a good girl and behave yourself.