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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Explosive \Ex*plo"sive\, n.

  1. An explosive agent; a compound or mixture susceptible of a rapid chemical reaction, as gunpowder, TNT, dynamite, or nitro-glycerine.

  2. A sound produced by an explosive impulse of the breath; (Phonetics) one of consonants p, b, t, d, k, g, which are sounded with a sort of explosive power of voice.

    Note: [See Guide to Pronunciation, [root] 155-7, 184.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1915, abbreviation of trinitrotoluene (1908), from trinitro- indicating three nitro- groups in place of three hydrogen atoms in a compound, + toluene.

TNT (disambiguation)

TNT is trinitrotoluene, an explosive chemical compound.

TNT may also refer to:

TNT (TV channel)

Turner Network Television (often abbreviated TNT) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The channel's programming consists of television series and feature films, with a focus on dramatic programming, along with some professional sporting events (such as NBA basketball games and PGA golf).

As of July 2015, TNT is available to approximately 94.259 million cable, satellite and telco households (81.0% of households with at least one television set) in the United States.

TNT (TV station)
This article is about the Australian TNT station. For other television services named "TNT", see TNT (disambiguation).

TNT is a television station based in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Originally broadcasting only to Launceston and Northern Tasmania, it has broadcast to the whole of Tasmania since aggregation of the Tasmanian television market in 1994. Owned by Southern Cross Austereo, it is now branded as Southern Cross Television.

TNT (instant messenger)

TNT is an open source instant messaging client which is designed to use AIM and uses AOLs TOC Protocol. The client is run within Emacs or XEmacs and is written in Emacs Lisp.

The client was originally written by AOL, but AOL abandoned the project around 1999, along with its other TOC clients, TiK and TAC, but since then independent developers have continued to add features and make new releases.

TNT has been revised to work with the TOC2 Protocol.

TNT (band)

TNT is a Norwegian heavy metal band from Trondheim, formed in 1982. The band has released twelve studio albums, three EPs and two live albums while going through numerous line-up changes since its formation. Guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø is the only consistent member of TNT.

TNT (comics)

TNT is a DC Comics superhero from the 1940s. TNT and his side-kick Dan the Dyna-Mite were created by Mort Weisinger for DC Comics, and made their debut in Star-Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942)

The "human hand grenades" had a short lived career during the Golden Age of Comic Books, reappearing occasionally in reprint form during the seventies, returning in Super Friends # 12, and appearing from time to time in All-Star Squadron and its Post-Crisis sequel, Young All-Stars.

TNT (Tortoise album)

TNT is the third album by American post-rock band Tortoise. The cover art is simply a doodle made by a band member on a CD-R cover insert during the recording sessions.

"Jetty" is an alternate version of 1997 song "La Jetée" by Tortoise's jazzier sister group, Isotope 217. (Both songs took their name from landmark experimental film La jetée.)

The track "In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men" takes its title from a similarly titled work from Robert Ashley recorded in 1972.

TNT (magazine)

TNT is a weekly, free magazine published in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

TNT (Sweden)

TNT is a commercial television channel in Sweden. The channel launched by the tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet as Aftonbladet TV7 on 9 October 2006. Aftonbladet sold the channel in late 2007. In August 2008, it was sold once again and is since owned by NonStop Television. On 2 March 2011 the channel was relaunched as TNT7, following Turner Broadcasting System's purchase of Millennium Media Group, the owner of NonStop Television. The channel is now called TNT since the seven was dropped from the name on 21 March 2012.

TNT (clothing)

TNT is an Israel-based urban fashion label aimed at the teen and young adult market. Started in 1999, as of 2007 it controls 20 percent of the clothing market for young people in Israel. With international locations in Romania in 2007, and Russia in early 2008, the company is owned by Honigman & Sons Ltd.. The chain has 57 stores across Israel. TNT is well known for their t-shirts with offensive messages written in English.

TnT (professional wrestling)

TnT (also referred to as Tara & Tessmacher) was a professional wrestling tag team, consisting of Tara and Brooke Tessmacher. The team was working with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

TNT (Tanya Tucker album)

TNT is the ninth album by Tanya Tucker. Working with a new producer in Jerry Goldstein, Tucker drifts away from her earlier country style to do a much more rock-based effort. She covers well-known rock songs originally performed by such artists as Buddy Holly ("Not Fade Away"), Elvis Presley ("Heartbreak Hotel"), and Chuck Berry ("Brown Eyed Handsome Man"). Tucker also covers John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery". The album was Tucker's second-highest ranked ever on the Billboard Country charts at #2, and even reached #54 in the Pop category. Released singles and their Billboard positions were: "Texas (When I Die)" at #5, "Not Fade Away" at #70, and "I'm the Singer, You're the Song" at #18. While not necessarily embraced by the country music establishment, the album garnered critical and commercial success. It was certified Gold by the RIAA and earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female.

TNT (cellular service)

TNT (formerly known as Mobiline, Phone Pal, and Talk 'N Text) is a cellular service of Smart Communications in the Philippines. By April 2000, Piltel launched its GSM brand, Talk 'N Text. Piltel also reported 16,590,737 subscribers to its GSM brand, Talk 'N Text, before its transfer to Smart. Piltel used the 912 area code for its AMPS/CDMA service. However, it is now used for TNT.

TNT is known for its low-cost packages, catering mostly to the mobile needs of the masses of the Philippines. From classics like Gaan Text 10 to unlimited offers like Unlitext Extra 30, TNT provides a wide range of offerings in call, text, mobile internet, and other value-added services.

TNT (TNT album)

TNT is the first album by the Norwegian heavy metal band TNT. It is their only album to feature Norwegian lyrics.

In 1984, the first half of the album (side 1 on the original vinyl release) was re-recorded with English lyrics and released as an EP also named TNT. Bass player Steinar Eikum had been replaced by Morten Skaget (credited as Morty Black) for the English language recording. Two tracks would also reappear in English versions later, with Tony Harnell on vocals. Harnell rewrote the lyrics for "U.S.A." before the band included it on the Knights of the New Thunder LP and CD. "Eddie" came as a bonus track on Knights of the New Thunder and the single American Tracks. The English version of "Harley-Davidson" has been performed live several times by Harnell as well as his successor Tony Mills.

TNT (Russian TV channel)

TNT (Means: Your New Television. , or Television of new Millennium is a Russian brand name of TNT Broadcasting Network, one of Russia’s top five television networks. It reaches over 100 million people throughout Russia offering a light entertainment aimed at a younger audience from age 16 through age 30.

Thanks to its blend of innovative reality programmes and a variety of original comedy shows backed up by probably the most aggressive marketing in the market, TNT demonstrated a record-breaking growth in both revenues and audience share. In the last four years, TNT’s national share of audience (6 – 54 years old) increased from 3.9% in 2002 to 6.9% in 2009.

TNT’s business model is similar to the US TV Networks whereby its signal is distributed by both own and operated stations and affiliate stations. In return the local stations get a share of advertising time within the content provided by TNT.

TNT delivers its signal through satellites in four different orbits, allowing its 20 own TV stations and over 350 affiliates to receive the signal in their respective time zones. TNT’s signal is received and retransmitted by local network stations covering in 760 Russian cities. Sale of advertising is TNT’s main source of revenue. As of July 2013 Roman Petrenko, previously General Director of TNT (2002-2013), is the new Chairman Of the Board (CEO) of JSC TNT-Broadcasting Network.

Nowadays TNT is one of the most popular entertainment channels of Russia.

  • Dom-2
  • Comedy Club
  • Bitva extrasensov (The Battle of extrasensory)
  • NNF (Inexplicable, yet a Fact)
  • Interny (Interns)
  • Univer
  • Univer. Novaya obschaga
  • Real Boys (Russia)
  • Zaycev+1
  • DeFF4onki

TNT is an English language EP based on a selection of Norwegian language songs from TNT's debut album TNT (released 1982).

During Norwegian tours backing their 1982 Norwegian language debut, TNT experienced growing interest from abroad, and decided to record the first five songs, side 1 from their album in English versions.

Two tracks would also reappear in English versions later, with Tony Harnell on vocals. Harnell rewrote the lyrics for "U.S.A." before the band included it on the Knights of the New Thunder LP and CD. "Eddie" was included on the U.S. LP release, replacing the song "Tor with the Hammer", and came as a bonus track on the European CD edition of Knights of the New Thunder, as well as on the single American Tracks which was came in a bundle with the European LP. The English version of "Harley-Davidson" has been performed live several times by Harnell as well as his successor Tony Mills.

Ingebrigtsen's English language version of "Harley-Davidson" was also included on the compilation The Big Bang – The Essential Collection.

Usage examples of "tnt".

A blast smudge showed on the desert floor where a practice blast, a mere 100 tons of TNT spiced with isotopes, had been set off on V-E Day.

I would cruise through the TNT area before going to Five Mile Creek Road for skywatches that usually lasted until 3 or 4 A.

TNT area before going to Five Mile Creek Road for skywatches that usually lasted until 3 or 4 A.

A few nights after the remarkable Bloodmobile incident, Point Pleasant police officer Harold Harmon was making a routine patrol through the dismal, unlit TNT area when a dark object hovering a few feet above a small pond caught his eye.

Steve Mallette, were driving through the TNT area in the Scarberrys' 1957 Chevy.

One night Roger Scarberry, Steve Mallette, and myself were driving around the TNT area when we came upon a large black Cadillac parked in the shadows.

All the bombs dropped on all the cities in World War II amounted to some two million tons, two megatons, of TNT - Coventry and Rotterdam, Dresden and Tokyo, all the death that rained from the skies between 1939 and 1945: a hundred thousand blockbusters, two megatons.

Hearing that he was free to use any demolitions he wished, Dammer gave the job to Lieutenant Saam, who carried hundreds of pounds of TNT ashore.

TNT shows the reruns every weekday afternoon (they call 'em the Afternoon Ponderosa Party, ain't that cute), and Seth just loves em.

Butcher and Faker can pick over that Seneschet warehouse in Massachusetts and see what they got, but it'll be no sweat--I think we can pick up about seven or eight thousand kilos of ammonium nitrate from the waste-storage area, and we got about a thousand kilos of TNT in storage for the primer loads.

Players of Null-A, the Prelude to Space, Thunder and Roses, Armageddon, the Time Machine, the Mason' Word, the Monkey Business, the Works, the Eight of Swords, Gorilla Warfare, the Box Lunch, the Primate Kingdom, the New Aeon, the Enola Gay, the Octet Truss, the Stochastic Process, the Fluxions, the Burning House, the Phantom Captain, the Decline of the West, the Duelists, the Call of the Wild, Consciousness III, the Reorganized Church of the Latter-Day Saints, Standard Oil of Ohio, the Zig-Zag Men, the Rubble Risers, the Children of Ra, TNT, Acceptable Radiation, the Pollution Level, the Great Beast, the Whores of Babylon, the Waste Land, the Ugly Truth, the Final .

Starkey took out her case notebook and copied the components: RDX, TNT, ammonium picrate, powdered aluminum, wax, and calcium chloride.

They'd taken normal TNT and added a stiffener, a plastic that made the material quite rigid, but without affecting its chemical properties.

It gives the explosive force of the volcano, if the exhaust valve of the geyser were to be closed, as the equivalent of a thousand pounds of TNT.

We sent for eight hundred pounds of TNT, three hundred feet of cord, five hundred feet of wire, safety fuzes, friction tape, a long rope, electric and nonelectric caps, firing reel, an exploder, twelve bags of sand, cap crimpers, and fuze lighters.