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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thickhead \Thick"head`\, n.

  1. A thick-headed or stupid person. [Colloq.]

  2. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several species of Australian singing birds of the genus Pachycephala. The males of some of the species are bright-colored. Some of the species are popularly called thrushes.


n. (plural of thrush English)

Usage examples of "thrushes".

As for strawberries and raspberries, we had similar trouble competing with thrushes and other berry-loving birds.

Neither did thrushes set out with the intent of domesticating strawberries.

But with billions of European thrushes defecating wild strawberry seeds in every possible place (including Roman gardens), strawberries remained the little berries that thrushes wanted, not the big berries that humans wanted.

The change in the berries' color serves as a signal attracting birds like thrushes to pluck the berries and fly off, eventually to spit out or defecate the seeds.

Only with the recent development of protective nets and greenhouses were we finally able to defeat the thrushes, and to redesign strawberries and raspberries according to our own standards.

She carried two thrushes to the Abbé Fortier, and sold the remaining four to the host of the Golden Ball, who paid her three sous apiece for them, promising her to take as many as she would bring him at the same price.

Surrounded by the mournful trill of marsh thrushes, he bathed without hurry, rinsed the salt crust from his hair and clothes, and bound his cut forearm with strips torn from his shirt.

The thrushes over his head hopped to higher branches, nervously silent, while he rubbed at his bandaged arm.

The marsh thrushes startled into flight and vanished with a whir of brown feathers.