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THR/Thr can mean one of the following:

  • Tim Harvey, Tim Harvey Racing - the business of racing driver Tim Harvey
  • Threonine, one of the 20 standard amino acids
  • Time Highway Radio, the former name of THR.FM, a private radio station in Malaysia
  • Target Heart Rate
  • Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Iran
  • Total Hip Replacement operation
  • Through-hole reflow soldering (or "pin and paste" or "paste in hole"): process of mounting through-hole electronic components using the reflow process
  • The Hollywood Reporter, a trade publication of the U.S. entertainment industry
  • T. H. Rogers School
  • Tony Hawk: Ride, a skateboarding video game.
  • Team Columbia Highroad, the UCI code for the professional road bicycle racing team
  • Times Herald-Record, a newspaper in upstate New York

Usage examples of "thr".

Thra had believed Rinard close on her heels, but the poor fool had stood his ground, apparently believing that he served her so, as she had discovered too late.