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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
theoretically possible (=possible in theory, but difficult and unlikely)
▪ It is theoretically possible for all students to get full marks.
▪ Given time, it is theoretically possible for all students to gain 100 percent marks.
▪ It is theoretically possible that this activity could trigger an eruption, but highly unlikely, he said.
▪ As we will see, this remains theoretically possible even in the case of Dolly.
▪ Without the cost of paper, printing and distributing to contend with, a free electronic newspaper becomes at least theoretically possible.
▪ In one's own case it is perhaps always theoretically possible to withhold attention without losing awareness.
▪ It is theoretically possible that caffeine somehow inhibits parts of the brain, such as the hypothalamus, involved in regulating appetite.
▪ Though the scientific matching of book and reader is theoretically possible one can have little faith in it.
▪ Edward Teller, in particular, believed the fusion bomb to be theoretically possible.
▪ The first criticism is that, although key settlement policies are theoretically sound, they have been poorly implemented in practice.
▪ Such analysis provides is with a relatively precise, and theoretically sound methodology for dealing with perceivable changes in character.
Theoretically, the department exists to help people, but it often seems otherwise.
▪ It is theoretically possible to identify a person from just one tooth if the tooth is unusual.
▪ Although satellite dishes for television are theoretically illegal, the Damascus skyline reveals them on almost every rooftop.
▪ And, theoretically, they could see their role and benefit in making that happen.
▪ But apart from these largely empirical objections, the argument is flawed theoretically.
▪ Furthermore, the investments necessary to make an airline work could, theoretically, drag Virgin to bankruptcy.
▪ It is theoretically possible that this activity could trigger an eruption, but highly unlikely, he said.
▪ One way to answer this question is to consider it theoretically.
▪ Though family planning services are theoretically available to them, they are not even contemplated at such an early age.
▪ Well, yes, theoretically, says the Home Office.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Theoretic \The`o*ret"ic\, Theoretical \The`o*ret"ic*al\, a. [Gr. ?: cf. L. theoreticus, F. th['e]or['e]tique.] Pertaining to theory; depending on, or confined to, theory or speculation; speculative; terminating in theory or speculation: not practical; as, theoretical learning; theoretic sciences. -- The`o*ret"ic*al*ly, adv.


adv. 1 in theory; on paper 2 in a theoretical manner

  1. adv. according to the assumed facts; "on paper the candidate seems promising" [syn: on paper, in theory]

  2. in a theoretical manner; "he worked the problem out theoretically" [ant: empirically]


Theoretically is an album by Tim Berne and Bill Frisell which was released on the Empire label in 1984. It features four compositions by Berne, two by Frisell, and one joint composition.

Usage examples of "theoretically".

Theoretically, everyone now alive could be fed, housed, clad by nanotech.

Howt due to chaotic uncertainty in phase locking, amplitude decay o theoretically begin within the day.

CHAPTER IX Bernard talked of this matter rather theoretically, inasmuch as to his own sense, he was in a state neither of incipient nor of absorbed fascination.

Exotic representative -theoretically to the Final Encyclopedia, but actually, as both the Exotics and Hal had clearly understood, to Hal himself, since he had been the one who had won their allegiance to the cause of Old Earth in a debate against Bleys, broadcast to both Exotic worlds.

Mick stared at him with new respect as Brewster, the problem theoretically solved, removed his pipe from his jacket pocket and started filling it with tobacco.

Schuyler, that young Marriott here is such a whiz in the horology line, both practically and theoretically, that he could name his own price with any firm in England?

While the Bauble could theoretically be subdivided into millions of individual macromolecules, it was in fact one super-macromolecule, since the linkages between its theoretical units were themselves molecular in nature.

Theoretically, no one is directly responsible for my execution, since the immutable laws of quantum theory pardon or condemn me from each microsecond to the next.

Finally, when they were within range, dozens of pinpoint, millisecond bursts of highest-intensity phaser fire would, theoretically, disable the jump circuits of every Directorate ship.

Ultimately, there can be only one theoretically correct way of understanding human psychology, motivation, neurosis and so forth.

And while, theoretically, Silver-Gray protocol forbade the use of emotion-control programs, Phaethon tended to use some small glandular and parasympathetic regulators.

Our theoretically restrained perambulator would be likely to respond by throwing off more frequent bursts of perturbating energy.

Theoretically, a driver ought to be able to go from the upper end of the Denny Regrade to the International District at the far end of the downtown area with only one or two stops along the way.

Vivisection has been objected to not theoretically or sentimentally simply, but on account of the monstrous abuses that have been associated with it.

The Great Council of Tenoka subtribes had granted their friends from far-off Earth theoretically limited rights to occupy the Stem area, and had in exchange accepted a mountain of trade goods and the permanent right of free medical care for any Tenoka who could reach one of the new hospitals in the Stem.