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n. A subdivision of currency, equal to a 1/100th of a Botswanan pula.


n. 100 thebe equal 1 pula

Thebe (moon)

Thebe ( ; ) also known as , is the fourth of Jupiter's moons by distance from the planet. It was discovered by Stephen P. Synnott in images from the Voyager 1 space probe taken on March 5, 1979, while making its flyby of Jupiter. In 1983 it was officially named after the mythological nymph Thebe.

The second largest of the inner satellites of Jupiter, Thebe orbits within the outer edge of the Thebe gossamer ring that is formed from dust ejected from its surface. It is irregularly shaped and reddish in colour, and is thought like Amalthea to consist of porous water ice with unknown amounts of other materials. Its surface features include large craters and high mountains—some of them are comparable to the size of the moon itself.

Thebe was photographed in 1979 by the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft, and later, in more detail, by the Galileo orbiter in the 1990s.


Thebe may refer to:

  • Any of several female characters in Greek mythology - see List of mythological figures named Thebe
  • Thebe (moon), a moon of Jupiter
  • Thebe, a unit of currency in Botswana - see Botswana pula
  • Copidosoma thebe, a wasp parasitic on caterpillars - see Copidosoma#Species
  • Thebe, an Amazon
  • Thebe, alternate name for the Titaness Phoebe

Usage examples of "thebe".

And then city states like Athens or Thebes would once more combine their forces to invade Spartan lands.

Young Learchus had a gold-embossed dagger, made by a craftsman in Thebes, while lazy Pausias filled his belly with honeycakes and ran with all the speed of a sick pig.

If Athens and Thebes again joined forces against Sparta, many city states would fear such an alliance - and join with Sparta against it.

Since there was no war declared against Thebes and they were unconnected with the Chalkidian invaders, the action was seen by many Greeks as underhand.

If Thebes, Corinth and Athens joined forces, they could destroy Sparta once and for all.

There were statues from Corinth and Thebes, mostly showing the goddess Athena in full armour, and one of Artemis carrying a bow.

Persian gold - of which there is an unlimited supply - was sent to Thebes and Athens.

Persia then abandoned Thebes and Athens and supervised the peace negotiations.

He knows he can never march on Persia again, for Thebes and Athens would rise against Sparta in his absence.

Agisaleus is the same - mention Thebes and his face changes, and you can see his hand reaching for a sword-hilt.

Spartans seized Thebes because they knew we had not the force to oppose them.

He will bring the army to Thebes and retake the city, putting to death all who had a part in the insurrection.

Epaminondas will die, and Thebes will remain in chains or be destroyed utterly.

I will free Thebes, and if a city is to fall to ashes then it will be Sparta.

Now a citadel, it had originally been the old town of Cadmos, the modern city of Thebes growing around its base.