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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
test pilot
▪ He is a former test pilot and qualified on the Boeing 707.
▪ I set off as a television test pilot and have ended up with my best-ever chance of winning the race.
▪ In March the manufacturer's test pilot flew the aircraft for its annual inspection check flight.
▪ The test pilot quietly waiting, literally for the paint to dry.
▪ The owner pilot accompanied the test pilot on this flight, but acted only as an observer.
test pilot

n. a pilot hired to fly experimental airplanes through maneuvers designed to test them

Test Pilot (film)

Test Pilot is a 1938 film directed by Victor Fleming, starring Clark Gable, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy, and featuring Lionel Barrymore. The film tells the story of a daredevil test pilot (Gable), his wife (Loy), and his best friend (Tracy).

Test Pilot was written by Howard Hawks, Vincent Lawrence, John Lee Mahin, Frank Wead and Waldemar Young. The screenplay was largely based on an original story by former naval aviator Wead.

Test Pilot

Test Pilot may refer to:

  • Test pilot, pilots who work on developing, evaluating and proving experimental aircraft
  • Test Pilot (film) a 1938 film about test pilots with Clark Gable, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy and Lionel Barrymore

Usage examples of "test pilot".

A former test pilot, he'd marched through a career so accomplished that one would expect a bluff-hearty handshaker to have done it.

Now she was the chief test pilot of the High Technology Aerospace Weapons Center.

He'd done it for the next twenty years, plus a stint as a test pilot, commanded a carrier air wing, then a carrier, then a group, and finally topped out as SACLANT/CINCLANT/CINCLANTFLT, three very weighty hats that he'd worn comfortably enough for just over three years before removing the uniform forever.

The big shots in the Federation don't fully realize what they're asking you suckers to do, so you don't even get a special test pilot bonus.

Believing that the Bartokks are not behind the theft of the enhanced droid starfighters, and with the suspicion that Boll Trinkatta's test pilot, Bama Vook, may have been behind it, Qui-Gon Jinn decides that he, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Trinkatta should head for the Ion Sandbox, a spaceport cantina where they might learn where the starfighters are hidden.

Engineering test pilot, assistant project officer for the ASAT program-I'm good enough to get an invite to Houston, even-but will they let me fly combat?

Gulf-stream's chief test pilot explained that if the aircraft hit hard enough, the instrument could break despite its robust design.

He'd done it for the next twenty years, plus a stint as a test pilot, commanded a carrier air wing, then a carrier, then a group, and finally topped out as SACLANT/CIN­.

A fighter pilot, test pilot, and most recently commander of one of the Navy's elite Tomcat squadrons, he knew that he was about the best flyer in the world, and didn't like trusting his life to the lesser skills of another aviator.

The president called his chief safety officer and told him to head in, along with the firm's senior test pilot.