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A tenso is a style of troubadour song. It takes the form of a debate in which each voice defends a position; common topics relate to love or ethics. Usually, the tenso is written by two different poets, but several examples exist in which one of the parties is imaginary, including God ( Peire de Vic), the poet's horse ( Gui de Cavalhon) or his cloak ( Bertran Carbonel). Closely related, and sometimes overlapping, genres include:

  • the partimen, in which more than two voices discuss a subject
  • the cobla exchange, a tenso of two stanzas only
  • the contenson, where the matter is eventually judged by a third party.

Usage examples of "tenso".

El extranjero se puso tenso y miró preocupado con la expresión de una presa acorralada cuando vio que entraban seis hombres.