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ten percent

n. a tenth part; one part in ten [syn: one-tenth, tenth, tenth part]

Ten Percent (song)

In 1976, Salsoul Records released their eighth release, Walter Gibbons' remix of Double Exposure's disco song "Ten Percent". "Ten Percent" was the first commercially available 12-inch single.

The actual title of this record is Ten Per Cent, not Ten Percent. See the image here

The 12-inch single was reserved for DJs until the release of "Ten Percent." Disco had already begun to exploit the 12-inch's allowance for higher volumes, better sound quality, and longer playing time, but no record companies had previously seen commercial value in the new format.

Ten Percent

Ten Percent is the debut studio album recorded by American male vocal quartet Double Exposure, released in 1976 on the Salsoul label.

Usage examples of "ten percent".

Bear in mind that if you put a low-bid price against him, you owe the auctioneer ten percent even if he doesn't sell.

And we've analyzed the firearm death statistics - your plan can't possibly prevent more than ten percent of those deaths.

But you've a seat on the board of the hew company, ten percent of the stock at par, seats on Struan's of course, and all their subsidiaries.

Fewer than ten percent of the soldiers cut adrift had been able to find jobs.

Carl Sagan of Cornell University calculated erosion rates, assuming a dust storm peak wind of 100 mph blowing ten percent of the time.