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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Tem or TEM may refer to:

  • Tem, Tajikistan, a small town just outside Khorugh in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province
  • Tem (Togo tribe), a tribe in the African country Togo living around Sokodé
    • Tem language
  • Tem another name for Atum, an Egyptian deity
  • Tem (queen), an ancient Egyptian queen consort
  • TEM beta-lactamase
TEM (currency)

TEM ( Greek: Τοπική Εναλλακτική Μονάδα ("Alternative Monetary Unit"); abbrv: TEM ) is a local exchange trading system (LETS) popular in Volos, Magnesia, Greece.

Tem (queen)

Tem was an ancient Egyptian queen consort of the 11th dynasty, a wife of Pharaoh Mentuhotep II and the mother of Mentuhotep III. She was buried in Tomb DBXI.15 in Deir el-Bahari, in her husband's mortuary complex.

She outlived her husband and was buried during her son's reign. It is likely that she was of commoner origin, as there is no evidence in her grave that points to a royal origin. She is only named on her sarcophagus and on an offering table. Her titles are "King's beloved wife" (ḥmt-nỉswt mrỉỉ.t=f), King's Mother" (mwt-nỉswt), Mother of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt (mwt-nỉswt-bỉt), Great of Sceptre (wr.t-ḥt=s).

Her tomb was discovered in 1859.

Usage examples of "tem".

My Marster warnt no big, rich man lak er heap er de white folks in dem slabery times, yit en still, he sho hed er plenty er ebery-thing, en de bes of all he fed he niggers good en wus always good ter tem.

Ea sto She wor As we se er an dimpgtherm he,wnhaosI dia, wrappky mothher, wAnwnolsesbk rt curlyol me i y mother ha Grave-meal every Saar to tem young minesem young moom apaed.

De government petter leave dem to tie on de pattle field, nur do pring tem here to starve.

It ish against my rules, and if I proke tem for you I vill have to do so for every body.

TEMS Hospital, Terran Zone, Thendara, about nine years after the Sharra Rebellion.

Soone as they bene arriu'd vpon the brimOf the Rich strond, their charets they forlore,And let their temed fishes softly swimAlong the margent of the fomy shore,Least they their finnes should bruze, and surbate soreTheir tender feet vpon the stony ground:And comming to the place, where all in goreAnd cruddy bloud enwallowed they foundThe lucklesse Marinell, lying in deadly swound.

Her tem in the food preparation unit of her ‘master' had given her other commodities to look for - though few of those grew wild in this jungle.

Obviously Lila had had no digestive apparatus, no circulatory sys -- tem, and no respiratory system.

By 1980, the pro tem solution was to heap up the products and burn them: billions of dollars worth, week after week.

Now he is the Ali corn, and he says he has associated with human beings as long as human beings have existed-maybe longen That is, with those who know the magic word to tame him tem porarily.

Kneading fingers caressed tem ples, ears, neck and lower, easing tension he didn't realize he was carrying.

Now the new crop which had been ploughed on Botany, as someone had remarked in a biblical fashion - were reaching tem.

Pendant les deux heures que dure cette première veille, on frappe de tems en tems un coup, ou sur la cloche, ou sur le tambour.

Sure, it was just Pro Tem now, but the Council wouldn't have given him this job if they weren't sure he'd be a full Guardian someday in the not-too-distant future.

As the last order of business at the meeting of the Panpolity Directorate for Unity they had just left, Jack had resigned as pro tem chairman and applauded as his aunt was unani­.