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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tegument \Teg"u*ment\, n. [L. tegumentum, from tegere to cover. See Thatch, n., and cf. Detect, Protect.]

  1. A cover or covering; an integument.

  2. Especially, the covering of a living body, or of some part or organ of such a body; skin; hide.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"a covering, a natural protection of the body or some part of it," mid-15c., from Latin tegumentum "a covering, a cover," from tegere "to cover," from PIE root *(s)teg- (2) "to cover" (see stegosaurus). Related: Tegumentary.


n. 1 Something which covers; a covering or coating. 2 (context anatomy obsolete English) A natural covering of the body or of a bodily organ; an integument.


n. a natural protective covering of the body; site of the sense of touch; "your skin is the largest organ of your body" [syn: skin, cutis]


Tegument may refer to:

  • Integumentary system, the organ system that protects the body from various kinds of damage, such as loss of water or abrasion from outside
  • Tegument (helminth)
  • Viral tegument

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Tegument (helminth)

Tegument is a term in helminthology for the outer body covering among members of the phylum Platyhelminthes. The name is derived from a Latin word tegumentum or tegere, meaning "to cover". It is characteristic of all flatworms including the broad groups of tapeworms and flukes. Once considered to be a non-living component, it is now known to be a dynamic cellular structure. In fact it is a living structure consisting of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and RNA. It forms the protective layer and the host- parasite interface of the worms, serving both secretory and absorptive functions.

Usage examples of "tegument".

Differences in the appearance of the limbs on the right and left sides indicated the presence of multiple fractures, one of which was visible where it projected through the tegument of the left leg.

He very much wanted to, having seen the first part of the tegument report.

Prefsand then calmly took a sample of her own tegument to complete the argument.

It was covered by a body tegument, transparent where it enclosed the eyes, that was as tough as flexible armor plating.

The species was basically amoebic but with the ability to extrude any limbs, sense organs or protective tegument necessary to any environment or situation in which it might find itself.

There had been a time when he would have verbally stripped the tegument from an underling who had dared to do such a thing without permission, if only to show the miscreant that The Master was alert and quick to see the smallest of unauthorized changes.

Adult Hudlarians weighed in the region of two Earth tons, possessed an incredibly hard but flexible tegument which, as well as protecting them from their own native and external pressures, allowed them to live and work comfortably in any atmosphere of lesser pressure down to and including the vacuum of space.

The symptoms were given as rough, discoloured patches on the tegument with severe itching due to unabsorbed food particles.

I have injected two doctors of my own species before coming to you, and as you know our tegument is thicker and more closely grained than yours is.

In the four-letter classification system the first letter was a guide to the general metabolism, the second to the number and distribution of limbs and sense organs, and the rest to a combination of pressure and gravity requirements, which also gave an indication of the physical mass and form of protective tegument a being possessed.

The lecturers would flash a three-second picture of an e-t foot or a section of tegument onto the screen, and if Conway could not rattle off an accurate classification from this glimpse, sarcastic words would be said.

It was amoebic, possessed the ability to extrude any limbs, sensory organs or protective tegument necessary to the environment in which it found itself, and was so fantastically adaptable that it was difficult to imagine how one of these beings could ever fall sick in the first place.

There were appendages both jointed and tentacular, patches of scales, spines and leathery, wrinkled tegument together with the suggestion of mouth and gill openings, all thrown together in a gruesome hodge-podge.

It ran soggily along the corridor on legs which were too rubbery and which bent in the wrong places, and the scaly, dun-coloured tegument it had worn in the AUGL tank was twitching and writhing and smoothing out into the pink and white of flesh and medical tunic.

From a chair or bed could be told the shape, carriage and number of limbs of its user with fair accuracy, or if it possessed a hard tegument or required artificial padding for comfort.