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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Teel \Teel\, n. Sesame. [Sometimes written til.]

Teel oil, sesame oil.


n. sesame


Teel may refer to:

  • Ev Teel Urizen, fictional character in the Marvel Universe
  • Mike Teel (born 1986), American football quarterback
  • Teel Bivins (1947–2009), United States ambassador to Sweden 2004–2006
  • Teel Bruner (born 1964), American football Safety
  • William Teel Baird (1819–1897), Canadian businessman and militia organiser

Usage examples of "teel".

Features tight with concentration, Foryth Teel took a moment to dip his pen while he chewed thoughtfully on the tip of his tongue.

Foryth Teel, for all of his distractibility, at least did not seem likely to be any threat.

Foryth Teel, blinking slowly, stirring from slumber, and Dan guessed that his own thrashing had awakened the historian, who had been busily writing when the youth had drifted off to sleep.

He fell into step beside Foryth Teel, regarding the historian with a pensive expression that seemed darkly sinister in the moonlight.

But he dared say no more, or he would risk revealing the charade of his relationship to Foryth Teel, the utterly fictional relationship with its promise of ransom that seemed to be the only thing currently keeping Danyal alive.

Emilo said, helping Foryth Teel to his feet from where the historian had fallen in his clumsy attempt at flight.

Foryth Teel had claimed the short sword from the bandit who no longer had need of such practical tools.

He could only assume that Foryth Teel had entered here and was perhaps even now climbing toward the upper reaches of the stone spire.

And then, when Foryth Teel swept his gaze across the room, he, too, looked past the man without any sign that he was aware of the mysterious observer.

Foryth Teel pulled out his Book of Learning, scornfully waving the tome in the air.

Green mist swirled through the air, forming a cloud that surrounded Foryth Teel and seemed to seep upward from the still motionless kender.

Foryth Teel had used, the ideal that he strived forand he knew that it fit perfectly this silent, aloof figure.

They slipped along silently through the trees, Teel pausing now and then to listen before continuing on.

One night, less than two weeks after I was taken, when it became apparent that the Federation had no further interest in me and I was to be killed, Teel managed to lure the jailor on watch into her cell.

He rose, walked around the table, and stood looking at Teel momentarily, his rough face creased in thought.