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Tecoma is a genus of 14 species of shrubs or small trees in the trumpet vine family, Bignoniaceae. Twelve species are from the Americas, while the other two species are African. The American species range from the extreme southern United States through Central America and the Antilles south through Andean South America to northern Argentina. The generic name is derived from the Nahuatl word tecomaxochitl, which was applied by the indigenous peoples of Mexico to plants with tubular flowers. Trumpetbush is a common name for plants in this genus.

Tecoma (musician)

Amira Antonia M Pyliotis (born 24 April 1980) is an Australian independent Roots singer-songwriter and guitarist; who performs as Tecoma. Originally from Melbourne, in 2004, she relocated to Alice Springs, where the desert has given her much of her inspiration. Her style has been called "post trip-hop" by the Rolling Stone Australia (April 2007) and "alternative roots music" by Triple J radio network.

Tecoma is known for an eclectic mix of music, a distinctive voice, and a thoroughly engaging style when performing live. Since 2005 she has been touring nationally in Australia and internationally. Her most recent album has been receiving national airplay on Triple J and other Australian radio stations.

Tecoma (disambiguation)

Tecoma is a genus of 14 species of shrubs or small trees. Tecoma may also refer to the following:

Usage examples of "tecoma".

Its edge was a mass of myrtles interwoven with the rubus and flowering tecoma and clematis.

Ivy and Tecoma radicans, are likewise apheliotropic, and they thus find a support.