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A tava(h), tawa(h), tapa, saj, or sac is a large, flat or concave or convex disc-shaped frying pan (dripping pan) made from metal, usually sheet iron, cast iron, sheet steel or aluminium. It is used in South, Central, and West Asia, as well as in Caucasus, for cooking a variety of flatbreads and as a frying pan. It also sometimes refers to ceramic frying pan.

In West Asia, tava/saj are invariably convex, while in South Asia, both flat and concave versions are found.

Indian Tawa Indian Tawa Food_Gechresh_Azerbaijan_01.jpg|Reversible Azerbaijani sadj with handles

Tava (soft drink)

Tava was a carbonated beverage fortified with vitamins and minerals, released by PepsiCo in the first half of 2008. It was marketed exclusively on the web.

Intended for health-conscious consumers, the beverage's nutrients included vitamins B, B and E, and chromium. Tava contained no calories and no caffeine, and instead of being called a "soft drink" was promoted as a "sparkling beverage." The beverage debuted with three flavors: Tahitian Tamure (Tropical Berry Blend), Mediterranean Fiesta (Black Cherry Citrus), and Brazilian Samba (Passion Fruit Lime). Production ceased in early 2009 because it wasn't popular enough.

Usage examples of "tava".

Women in bright dresses were bringing woven trays of tava bread and glazed pottery bowls of roasted peppers, rice cakes, long boiled beans, cheese, and roasted meats.

She gave them flat tava bread to fold and use as a scoop for the porridge.

He put the last of the tava bread in his mouth and chewed for a few minutes.

She suggested they go to the common area with the other women and bake some tava bread in the ovens.

Woven trays of tava bread, roasted peppers, onions, long beans, cabbage, cucumber and beets, bowls of stewed meats, fish, and chicken, as well as platters of boar and venison, were carried by young women from the cook fires to people gathered at various shelters.

They both took pieces of tava bread and rolled them around peppers, careful to put them to their mouths with the right hand only.

He folded his legs as he sat and pulled a piece of the flat tava bread from his pack, more for something to do than because he was hungry.

River Tava live the Black Kendah, on the farther side, the White Kendah.

What do you beyond your southern boundary of the Tava river in the territory of the Black Kendah, that was sealed to them by pact after the battle of a hundred years ago?

To-night at sundown we will set you on the road which leads to the ford of the River Tava, which divides our territory from that of the White Kendah, and you may depart where you will, since our wish is that never again may we see your ill-omened faces.

The demon Jana lives in the forests and the swamps by the banks of the Tava River, and it is said that he ravages at night.

I go down to the River Tava to see to certain matters, as to the reaping of the outlying crops and other things.

Lord, that among us White Kendah he who breaks an oath is put across the River Tava unarmed to make report thereof to Jana, Father of Lies.

Lord Macumazana, work for a reward, the countless store of ivory which your eyes have beheld lying in the burial place of elephants beyond the Tava River.

Moreover the Tava had several fords, any one of which might be selected by the enemy.