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Crossword clues for tats


n. (plural of tat English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tat)

Usage examples of "tats".

Tit for Two Tats allows its opponents two defections in a row before it eventually retaliates.

Nevertheless Axelrod worked out that, if only somebody had submitted Tit for Two Tats, it would have won the tournament.

But although the saintly Tit for Two Tats would have won the first tournament if it had been submitted, it did not win the second.

This is the only way to account for the difference between the second tournament, in which Tit for Two Tats was ranked well down the list, and the first tournament, which Tit for Two Tats would have won.

Tit for Tat won in this climate, and Tit for Two Tats would have won in this climate if it had been submitted.

How many Tit for Tats must there be in order for Tit for Tat to do better than Always Defect?