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In Māori mythology, Tāne (also called Tāne Mahuta, Tāne nui a Rangi, and several other names) is the god of forests and of birds, and the son of Ranginui and Papatuanuku, the sky father and the earth mother, who lie in a tight embrace. Their many children live in the darkness between them (Grey 1956:2).

Usage examples of "tane".

In truth, she wondered that Tane did not suspect Asara of being an Aberrant, but it seemed that he would rather not know.

Tane and Asara were firing on the first Aberrant creature, trying to dissuade it from the panicking manxthwa, but it held fast.

Tymmeris for helmys war the tane, That thaim thoucht thane off gret bewte And alsua wondyr for to se.

Your mission is to fnd Tane and extract him, Ylenic has been to Corellia before.

Blood Koli, turned a corner into a narrow side-street sheltered by overhanging trees, and almost walked into Tane, coming the other way with a woman at his side.

When Tane suggested that Mamak might have been unwise to curse Panazu, god of storms, the two men nearly came to blows.

Vaults where she would be safe from the Mil. She evidently supposed the Mil to be on their way from Tane to Lothar although this had not even been hinted.

Perimeter defenses on the Tane sector, creating a funnel down which the Mil, encouraged by the lack of resistance, headed towards their new prey.

Some of the men supposedly in cerol shock from Tane attacks had been captured by the Mil. Frantic appeals, like the case of the rhyming trader, had been put down to the ever-mounting toll of mental health.

With a wry afterthought, it was also announced that both Tane planets were being equipped with the Ertoi defense crystals to prevent a return of the Mil. I realized then that that must be what occupied Jessl, the erection of a similar last-gasp defense for Lothar itself.

He had to have someone to make perfect restorations on the victims so they would seem to be no more than Tane casualties.

Tane at any time, we could accuse him of hiding treasonable information or of direct collusion with Gorlot.

There had been several of these 'war games', combined with expeditions on the Tanes in which the 'rebellious' Tanes were herded into cantonments to await punishment for their 'offenses' against Lothar.

Harlan said with a grimace, "I did have to agree to take a committee of Councilmen to the Tanes to see first hand what has happened there.

Monsorlit's team discovered her and assumed she was a Tane civilian casualty, she was processed along with the others through the Clinic and ended, so fortuitously as far as Lothar is concerned, as Harlan's attendant.