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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Talus \Ta"lus\, n.; pl. Tali. [L., the ankle, the ankle bone.]

  1. (Anat.) The astragalus.

  2. (Surg.) A variety of clubfoot ( Talipes calcaneus). See the Note under Talipes.


n. (plural of talus English)

  1. n. a sloping mass of loose rocks at the base of a cliff [syn: scree]

  2. the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint [syn: anklebone, astragal, astragalus]

  3. [also: tali (pl)]


See talus


Tali may refer to:

Usage examples of "tali".

Mari exploded as she watched Tali close her eyes and inhale deeply as if she were getting a whiff of the mystery man in question.

With a muffled curse, he began to fall, which gave Tali enough time to twist to the side to avoid being crushed by his weight.

Mari screamed as she reached down and pulled a dazed Tali to her feet.

She spared a moment to glance at Tali before turning her attention back to the traffic.

T-shirt, Tali penned a quick note to Mari, telling her where she had gone and why, then raced out of the apartment.

After he had Tali, he could come back to see who was the true Dominant here.

Kye sighed as he tightened his grip on Tali, who was now eyeing him with a touch of fear.

Jaid asked as he turned to make his way towards the exit, Tali in tow.

I should be scared, Tali thought as Kye practically dragged her down the street.

Suddenly breathless, Tali closed in on her chosen prey, kicking her shoes to some unknown place, all of her misgivings melting away as the music poured over her.

Kye grinned wider, exposing the tips of his growing fangs to Tali, letting his emotions seep through his skin to cover her with his desire.

A quick roll in the hay was one thing, but Tali exploded all of his reserves of control!

Angel by choice, Tali by necessity, he figured he had better say something.

Angel watched as Tali put together a thick sandwich, pulled a plate out of the drying rack, and sat down to eat.

Through the smoke that surrounded her, Tali could see the deadly glint in her eye and knew this woman lived and breathed to see the end of Balthazar.