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Taita may refer to:

  • Taita people, a Bantu ethnic group in Kenya
  • Taita language, a Bantu language
  • Taitā, New Zealand, a suburb of Lower Hutt City
  • Taita Hills, a mountain range in Kenya
  • Taita Cushitic languages, an extinct pair of Afro-Asiatic languages spoken in the Taita Hills
  • Taita falcon, a small falcon found in central and eastern Africa
  • Taita Line, a railway line in Gifu prefecture, Japan
  • Taița River, a tributary of Lake Babadag in Romania
  • Taița, a former village in Hamcearca Commune, Romania
  • Taita, another name for the leavened flatbread injera popular in Ethiopia and Eritrea
  • Taita, a fictional character from The Egyptian Series, beginning with the novel River God, by Wilbur Smith