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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Thar \Thar\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A goatlike animal ( Capra Jemlaica) native of the Himalayas. It has small, flattened horns, curved directly backward. The hair of the neck, shoulders, and chest of the male is very long, reaching to the knees. Called also serow, and imo.


n. Any of three genera of large Asian ungulates belonging to the subfamily Caprinae (goat-antelopes).


Tahrs are three species of large Asian ungulates related to the wild goat. Until recently the three species were believed to be closely related and were placed in a single genus, Hemitragus. Genetic studies have proven that the three tahrs are not as closely related as previously thought. Now they are considered as members of three separate monotypic genera; Hemitragus is now reserved for the Himalayan Tahr; Nilgiritragus for the Nilgiri Tahr; and Arabitragus for the Arabian Tahr.

Usage examples of "tahr".

He did not ride a horse, as his men did, but mounted a great tahr specially trained for battle.

Lockram assured Moreya the tahr had done more than once in the heat of battle.

He vaulted into a blur of motion, knees prodding his tahr as he reached for the swords hung from scabbards on either side of his saddle.

His tahr leaped and scrambled, then spun and dashed in what seemed like three directions at once.

Then Preece whirled his tahr around, putting his back toward Moreya, ready to die shielding her.

Without a word, the humans parted to heed their respective calls of nature while the tahr drank deeply of the fresh water.

Preece rode up to a stable where his tahr would be put in a stall and groomed.

The tales spanned all measure of depravity: stories of her husband forcing her to mate with his tahr while he watched, reports he transmuted into such a beast himself whilst rutting, or murmurs of unholy demon worship.

The male tahr is about the same size as the ibex, but rather more heavily made.

Female tahr may be frequently found on open ground, but old males hide a great deal in the thickest jungle, lying during the heat of the day under the shade of trees or overhanging rocks.

Nearly perpendicular hills with dangerous precipices, where the forest consists of oak and ringall cane, are the favourite haunts of the old tahr, who climb with ease over ground where one would hardly imagine that any animal could find a footing.

Frequently, although the tracks show that old tahr must be near, and in spite of the utmost care and caution, the first intimation one has of the presence of the game is a rush through the bushes, a clatter of falling stones, and perhaps a glimpse of the shaggy hind-quarters of the last of the herd as he vanishes over some precipice where it is perfectly impossible to follow him.

In autumn the tahr becomes immensely fat and heavy, and his flesh is then in high favour with the natives, the rank flavour suiting their not very delicate palates.

It is a large and powerful beast, considerably larger than a tahr, and longer in the leg.

Himalayan tahr, hippopotamus, lion, grizzly bear, dugong, harp seals, southern elephant seal, spotted porpoise, striped dolphin, blue whale, and sperm whale.