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n. (context mineralogy English) A mineral, found in certain meteorites, that is a magnetic alloy of iron and nickel


Taenite ( Fe, Ni) is a mineral found naturally on Earth mostly in iron meteorites. It is an alloy of iron and nickel, with nickel proportions of 20% up to 65%.

The name is derived from the Greek ταινία for "band, ribbon". Taenite is a major constituent of iron meteorites. In octahedrites it is found in bands interleaving with kamacite forming Widmanstätten patterns, whereas in ataxites it is the dominant constituent. In octahedrites a fine intermixture with kamacite can occur, which is called plessite.

Taenite is one of four known Fe-Ni meteorite minerals: The others are kamacite, tetrataenite, and antitaenite.

Usage examples of "taenite".

There were grains of rock—silicate minerals called olivines and pyroxenes—and minerals of iron and nickel, kamacite and taenite.