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n. (alternative case form of Syrette English)


The Syrette is a device for injecting liquid through a needle. It is similar to a syringe except that it has a closed flexible tube (like that typically used for toothpaste) instead of a rigid tube and piston. It was developed by Squibb, now the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

The morphine syrette used in World War II had a wire loop pin with a guard in the end of the hollow needle that was used to break a seal where the needle was attached to the tube. It was similar to a Superglue tube. After breaking the seal, the wire loop pin was removed and the hollow needle was inserted under the skin at a shallow angle and the tube flattened between the thumb and fingers (see subcutaneous injection). After injection the used tube was pinned to the receiving soldier's collar to inform others of the dose administered.

The US Military also distributed atropine in syrettes. Chemical treatment was subsequently distributed in Autoinjector form.

Image:MorphineSyrette.JPG| British syrette containing Omnopon. Circa 1990s

Image:Syrette diagram.jpg|Diagram showing wire loop pin

Image:Morphine Monojet.jpg|Syrette of morphine from WWII. On display at the Army Medical Services Museum.

Usage examples of "syrette".

I sat down a few feet away, plucked a syrette from the pack and gave myself a boost.

My buzz was starting to mellow, so I did another syrette and felt that sweet heart-slamming rush heat my blood, boil away superfluous brain cells.

When I realized the garden was realreal enough, at least, to defy my disbeliefI fumbled in my pants for a syrette and jabbed it into my thigh.

I stuck a hand in my pocket, fingered a syrette, and jabbed it home through the fabric.

A flicker of pain crosses his face, and then the empty syrette is being pocketed as the jitney draws to a stop.

Give me that syrette and get down and do as I bid you or the consequences will be severe.

Baram goes over and picks up the empty syrette Ochter had dropped, as if to examine it more carefully.

The consensus was that Tyson, who as an officer sometimes carried a Syrette of morphine, had injected himself to relieve the pain.

Cursing softly, he did the best he could, not daring to try the anesthetic syrette in the kit.

Pain stabbed my side, but when I jabbed myself with two more syrettes, the rush washed pain away.

During their talk his intuition has come up with a horrible surmise: Suppose that there had indeed been an error in the faulty cold-sleep syrettes, an error for which she was responsible.

I recalled that our clinic had given me several syrettes for use in case of insomnia.

The substance in these syrettes is ambezine hydrate, or Soporin, the same thing you diagnosed in the wine, and the thing I told you the clinic gave me for insomnia.

He also thought about the three Syrettes of Blind Tiger in the same drawer.

Two others took the Syrettes of morphine that were hanging round my neck and went through the motions of sticking them into their arms.