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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Siren \Si"ren\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ???: cf. F. sir[`e]ne.]

  1. (Class. Myth.) One of three sea nymphs, -- or, according to some writers, of two, -- said to frequent an island near the coast of Italy, and to sing with such sweetness that they lured mariners to destruction.

    Next where the sirens dwell you plow the seas; Their song is death, and makes destruction please.

  2. An enticing, dangerous woman.

  3. Something which is insidious or deceptive.

    Consumption is a siren.
    --W. Irving.

  4. A mermaid. [Obs.]

  5. (Zo["o]l.) Any long, slender amphibian of the genus Siren or family Sirenid[ae], destitute of hind legs and pelvis, and having permanent external gills as well as lungs. They inhabit the swamps, lagoons, and ditches of the Southern United States. The more common species ( Siren lacertina) is dull lead-gray in color, and becames two feet long.

  6. [F. sir[`e]ne, properly, a siren in sense 1.] (Acoustics) An instrument for producing musical tones and for ascertaining the number of sound waves or vibrations per second which produce a note of a given pitch. The sounds are produced by a perforated rotating disk or disks. A form with two disks operated by steam or highly compressed air is used sounding an alarm to vessels in fog. [Written also sirene, and syren.]


n. (archaic form of siren English)


Syrén is a Swedish surname.

  • Håkan Syrén (1952-) Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces from 1 January 2004 to 25 March 2009; he was the first Supreme Commander to come from the Navy.
  • Mikael Syrén (1965-), writer and director.
  • Johan Arvid Gunnar Syrén (1903-1985), Swedish missionary.
Syren (novel)

Syren is the fifth book in the child fantasy Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. It was released on September 29, 2009 by HarperCollins and Bloomsbury Publishing. She went on a book promotion tour for Syren as well as a contest to promote it further.

The story continues from the previous release Queste and deals with Septimus going to pick up his friends from a distant land. While coming back they are trapped in an island and there they learn of an evil plan to destroy their homeland, The Castle. The rest of the story deals with how Septimus and his friends save their home and destroy the evil coming their way.

Syren (band)

Syren were an alternative/Rock trio formed in The United States by award-winning, singer-songwriter Erin Bennett and ex- Rockbitch rhythm section Amanda Smith-Skinner (bass) and Jo Heeley (drums). The band released one debut album, 'Dehumanized' which was followed by successful USA, UK and European tours and gained much praise in music press. A second, unreleased album 'Something Has To Separate' was shelved due to Jo's death in 2012 and the subsequent retirement of Amanda soon after. Erin reformed the band with an all new line-up for a handful of one-off shows supporting 60s Prog-Rock band Hawkwind and performed a final 'farewell' show on January 16, 2014.

Usage examples of "syren".

O sweet Psyches I pray thee to take pitty on thy selfe, of me, and deliver thy husband and this infant within thy belly from so great danger, and see not, neither heare these cursed women, which are not worthy to be called thy sisters, for their great hatred and breach of sisterly amity, for they wil come like Syrens to the mountains, and yeeld out their pittious and lamentable cries.

Ouled Nail floated like a syren, promising ecstasies unknown even in Baghdad, where the pale Circassian lifts her lustrous eyes, in which the palms were heavy with dates of solid gold, and the streams were gliding silver.