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n. (label en British spelling) (alternative spelling of synthesizer English)

  1. n. an intellectual who synthesizes or uses synthetic methods [syn: synthesist, synthesizer]

  2. (music) an electronic instrument (usually played with a keyboard) that generates and modifies sounds electronically and can imitate a variety of other musical instruments [syn: synthesizer]

Usage examples of "synthesiser".

I said, my voice piping from the speech synthesiser that replaced my sealed-up mouth.

There was a wet bar filled with genuine vintage distillations, as well as a drink synthesiser.

Elessa, charming but not strictly pretty, held the double duties of synthesiser tech and botanist.

It would be an emotional strain for so many people to spend six weeks awake in such close quarters, even providing the synthesisers and recyclers hold out.

The formula the synthesisers poured out had no caffeine, but it smelled oily and rich and wonderful, and tasted just like she remembered the real brew.

Sanborn took Lunzie to the Administration offices by way of the life support dome where fresh vegetables, fruit, and grain were grown for carbohydrates to feed the synthesisers and to supplement the otherwise boring synth diet as well as refreshing the oxygen in the atmosphere.

With a wounded expression, Shof withdrew to arrange dinner from the synthesiser.