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n. (alternative spelling of sync English) vb. (alternative spelling of sync English)

Synch (comics)

Synch (Everett Thomas) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics mutant superhero. Created by Scott Lobdell, he first appeared in X-Men #36, September, 1994.

Usage examples of "synch".

The Swath, fighting to regain control of my kite, until the automatic cutoff kills the synch just nanoseconds before impact.

I just want to feel the plunge when he saw no way through ahead of him, but being in synch is really not the same as being there.

When we put you back in synch with your own universe, only moments will have passed.

He drew her against him, held her so close she felt his heart pounding in synch with hers, beating so hard and fast she thought that maybe both organs would burst through and touch each other flush.

Hayashi was meticulously blocking Ilyana out of synch with him, and it hurt.

As he came back to normal he squirmed inwardly to stop the pain, then fell into synch with Ilyana, starting to drift with her, soothed by it.

What it appears to be is a slight fluctuation, as if there were some signal that was a part of the whole, and yet not entirely in synch with it.

One Voice, they fall into synch with one another on some primal level.

Ban with the vibrations, but that was because they were in synch with them.

A second banging started, drifting in and out of synch with the first.

Pham came up with a combination of beamed and broadcast interstellar radio, schedules that could keep fleets and families in synch across centuries.

Rita tells me you have already achieved a close synch with the ground nets.

She moved her hips in synch with her horse, which slid and skidded nimbly down the hill.

They seem to move in synch, their heads turning to scan the ground around them, one of them always looking in every direction so the unit has an ever-present 360-degree awareness, their arms and legs moving with alarming speed and efficiency.

The sound crashed through the net with a dissonant rumble, as if reverberating from all directions at once, a hundred echoes arriving out of synch with each other.