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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The group's harsh, industrial-punk sound is in sync with the album's theme of betrayal.
▪ And still it was out of sync.
▪ At present it's completely out of sync, lots of marvellous programmes thrown at the screen, going by with nobody noticing them.
▪ Get out of sync as quickly as possible and forget the coins completely.
▪ In sync with the harsh sounds, the theme of betrayal rules this record.
▪ It's growing out of sync with the rest of service provision and service development, and this has all sorts of spin-offs.
▪ Rather than starting a new activity, try to get in sync with whatever your kids are already doing.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also synch, 1929, shortened form of synchronization (see synchronize). Originally in reference to soundtracks and pictures in the movies. Sense of "synchronization, harmony, agreement" first recorded 1961 in in sync. As a verb, short for synchronize, by 1945.


n. 1 synchronization 2 harmony vb. 1 to synchronize 2 (context computing English) to flush all pending I/O operations to disk


v. make synchronous and adjust in time or manner; "Let's synchronize our efforts" [syn: synchronize, synchronise] [ant: desynchronize, desynchronize]


Sync and synch are abbreviations of synchronization, the coordination of events to keep them in time.

Sync or synch may also refer to:

Sync (Unix)

sync is a standard system call in the Unix operating system, which commits to disk all data in the kernel filesystem buffers, i.e., data which has been scheduled for writing via low-level I/O system calls. Note that higher-level I/O layers such as stdio may maintain separate buffers of their own.

As a function in C, the sync call is typically declared as void sync(void) in <unistd.h>. The system call is also available via a command line utility also called sync, and similarly named functions in other languages such as Perl and NodeJS (in the fs module).

The related system call fsync commits just the buffered data relating to a specified file descriptor. fdatasync is also available to write out just the changes made to the data in the file, and not necessarily the file's related metadata.

Unix systems typically run some kind of flush or update daemon, which calls the sync function on a regular basis. On some systems, the cron daemon does this, and on Linux it's handled by the pdflush daemon. Buffers are also flushed when filesystems are unmounted or remounted read-only, for example prior to system shutdown.

Usage examples of "sync".

By investigating what happens when sync unravels, mathematicians are helping cardiologists track down the cause of fibrillation, a deadly arrhythmia that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, suddenly and without warning, even those with no history of heart disease.

We can make up the total momentum after diverting the planetoid and let the impactor control system get things back in sync again.

In its most refined form, persistent sync can be spectacular, as in the kickline of the Rockettes or the matched movements of synchronized swimmers.

He shimmied his hips in pleasurable sync with the exaggerated double bobbing upon the plasterboard screen.

The Radon - Ulzers hummed anxiously, the energy binders keeping them in sync, the Steelton cables drawing on the racing Pod with just the right amount of give through the wicked turns.

He outlined the idea, fast: refuel and resupply from the pods in sync orbit, same as the near-Earth patrol ships would.

There was a screen showing a succession of faces and scenes that had somehow gotten out of sync with the commentary, so a picture of the great Willie Nelson was identified as someone called Cornpone Cawson, the Hayseed Hick.

Jamie and Tom came in, rhythmical drive and elegant taste, followed by Rose, late as usual, missing the beat as usual, but creating harmonies and countermelodies that made the song irrelevant, it was music, and it was her and it was us, we fell into sync and the verse began to sing us right on cue.

Hilliards sighed, almost in unison, two people so in sync after years together that they might as well be one.

If any one aspect is out of sync with the others, if one becomes overpowering or dominant, the result is an imbalance, a lopsidedness, a warping of the person.

Bringing herself back into sync with the reptile, she moved through his brain and carefully changed a few of the neurochemical connections between his legs and his brain, modifying the resistance in the neurons.

I can stay in step with her transfers, and you and Sels can work around into sync with us.

Their minds remained separate, Hazel maintaining a firm barrier between their thoughts, but physically they became more and more in sync, until all the aftereffects of the boostings had burned away, his pain soothed and healed, and Owen was himself again.

She possesses several lolloping chins, which shift as she talks, each one a millisecond out of sync with the movement of her surprisingly small mouth.

She knew I got off easy: three convictions resulting from the scams I worked with Phil Turkel-a phone sales racket that involved the deployment of hardcore loops synced to rock songs and Naugahyde Bibles embossed with glow-in-the-dark pictures of the Rev.