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Svea is a Swedish female name. The name was a very popular girls' name during the first half of the 20th century, and in 2012, it began to rise in popularity again. The name derives from the name of the tribe called "Svear" or "Swedes," who came to conquer the land which is today's Sweden. So the meaning of the name Svea is " Swede."

It may also refer to:

  • Mother Svea, the Swedish national emblem
  • Svea, Florida
  • Svea, Minnesota
  • Svea Township, Kittson County, Minnesota
  • Svea 123, a model of liquid-fuel stoves
  • Rederi AB Svea, a Swedish shipping company
  • Any of the ships named
  • Slowly varying envelope approximation (SVEA), a method in optics to solve the electromagnetic wave equation
  • 329 Svea, a main belt asteroid
  • Sveagruva, also called Svea, a mining settlement in Svalbard
  • Svea Nord, a coal mine near Sveagruva