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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Suzette (commune)

Suzette is a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France.

Usage examples of "suzette".

She took the last few steps to the landing and waited as Suzette and Lena joined her.

Drew, Doug, Suzette, and Lena gave the archeologist and Grant a lively description of how the improv theater would run, and Carlo asked a number of questions and expressed his enthusiasm for the project and, naturally, asked about the work being done in English since they were in Italy.

Both Suzette and Lena had opted for bed earlier, while the men had remained, Carlo and Arturo with their cigars, Doug, Drew, and Clay sipping on brandies.

Italian had done well enough as Drew, Doug, and Suzette went through their fittings.

He may not have been in great shape, but he had just seen to it that Suzette had gotten back to her place safely.

But so right on the mark, Stephanie saw, as Suzette lowered her head and flushed.

And when they burst into the waiting room, they immediately saw Lena, Suzette, Drew, and Arturo.

Stephanie sat down, or rather collapsed, next to Suzette, who was shaky.

Doug where he lay on the bed, and then at Suzette, who was sleeping in the plush, convertible chair-bed on the far side of the room.

He had flat-lined for a few seconds while she and Suzette had been gone, and there had been all kinds of feverish activity in the hospital.

Stephanie sat vigil, sitting by his side on the bed while Suzette curled into the chair again.

Lena was standing at the door, looking around, apparently urging Suzette to join her.

She could smell the blood from the living room floor where Lena and Suzette were still strewn on the floor, naked and supine, and crawling over the body of one of the maids, tearing at her with their nails and teeth, as if they were canines or hyenas, starved for a meal.

Heard him roaring out a command to Suzette and Lena that they must stop her.

In the end, Stanson had spent most of the time talking to Suzette, who had dropped into the intricate jargon of the Palace without missing a stride.