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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a sushi bar (=a bar or informal restaurant selling sushi)
▪ Have you tried that new sushi bar in town?
▪ The handsome sushi bar is distinct from most; the high chairs put diners face to face with the chefs.
▪ And that, land-farers, is the catch of the day on sushi.
▪ I generally think of sushi as bite-sized, but at Sushi-Cho you need a big mouth to eat your sushi without embarrassment.
▪ In the fashionable Recoleta district of Buenos Aires, the latest craze is sushi.
▪ It is actually the way Californians eat sushi, as well.
▪ Or sushi in the refrigerator case of every Safeway.
▪ That's a lot of sushi for the price.
▪ The salmon sushi and the yellowtail sashimi are likely to melt in your mouth, so pay close attention.
▪ The trouble is his background keeps coming back to haunt him like last night's sushi.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1893, from Japanese, where it is said originally to refer to the vinegared rice, not the raw fish.


n. 1 A Japanese dish made of small portions of sticky white rice flavored with vinegar, usually wrapped in seaweed and filled or topped with fish, vegetables or meat. 2 (context proscribed English) Raw fish, especially as a Japanese dish.


n. rice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed


is a type of food preparation originating in Japan, consisting of cooked combined with other such as raw seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. Ingredients and forms of sushi presentation vary widely, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is rice (also referred to as or ). Although commonly mistaken for sushi, sashimi, which is also a Japanese delicacy, consists of thinly sliced raw fish and may or may not be served with rice.

Sushi can be prepared with either brown or white rice. It is often prepared with raw seafood, but some common varieties of sushi use cooked ingredients and many are vegetarian. Sushi is often served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. Popular garnishes are often made using daikon.

Sushi (disambiguation)

Sushi is a Japanese food made out of vinegared rice.

Sushi may also refer to:

  • Su Shi (1037–1101), Chinese poet
  • Sushi (software), a file previewer for the GNOME Desktop Environment
  • Sushi (wrestler), Japanese professional wrestler Akira Kawabata
  • ,Sushi, a protein domain found on the protein Apolipoprotein H
  • Sushi (EP), an EP by Neuroticfish
  • Sushi, a portmanteau of Shia and Sunni
Sushi (software)

Sushi is a file previewer for the GNOME Desktop Environment. It is available as a standalone package, integrated with GNOME Files (formerly named Nautilus).

It is intended that a combination of Sushi and GNOME Photos replace Eye of GNOME.

Usage examples of "sushi".

So when they came to still another badly lit intersection, Sushi felt a glimmer of hope when he spotted bright lights a few blocks away along the cross street.

He brushed past Sushi, who was pointing upward and rolling his eyes meaningfully.

Do-Wop, Sushi stepped over to the doorway and cautiously peered down the corridor again.

As Sushi and Do-Wop watched, one of the line of antiquated newsreaders rolled forward and stopped, with an audible creak.

Do-Wop and Sushi a while to find the trans station, and when they found it, they had a moment of doubt whether it was what they were looking for.

Probably the elbow Sushi had jammed into his solar plexus had something to do with his sudden distraction.

Do-Wop and Sushi trudged along, staring at the pathway leading into town.

It was only after she was past them and rolling around the next curve in the path that Sushi turned around and stared after her.

That was likely to change the first time he took a fall, but Sushi coached him in the basics and soon he was satisfied that his buddy was ready to roll.

He turned on his heel and walked away so rapidly that Sushi had to hurry to keep up.

Do-Wop, as he and Sushi walked down the path from La Retraite Rustique.

Do-Wop poked Sushi to get his attention, pointed to the door marked men, and they quickly slipped through it.

None of them spared more than a glance at Sushi and Do-Wop, as the two walked briskly through the room, doing their best to appear that they were on the way to some job.

But Do-Wop dodged back against the wall to let him pass, and a frightened Sushi followed his lead.

There, Sushi glanced at the guest register while Do-Wop leaned on his broom.