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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. (context slang English) A suicide


Usage examples of "suey".

These were replaced by, in rapidly accelerating order, wedges of fudge cake, linzer torte, falafel, three steaming bowls of chop suey, blacktop sundaes, and a dismembered, smoked turkey.

In a memo to Billy Ingram, Benny Benfer suggested cheese sandwiches, baked beans, fish patties, hot dogs, spaghetti, chop suey, and eggs.

Durmond Pilverman was sitting on a sofa next to Frannie Vervain, who was so busy trying to cozy up with him that she tumped chop suey in her lap.

Beatrice had never had Chinese food either and I inducted her into the joys of egg rolls, fried rice, and chop suey.

David finished his chop suey, ordered egg foo yung, ate it, and ordered chow mein.

She had the language skills to teach Russian literature at Moscow State University, but all she knew of Chinese was chop suey and moo goo gai pan.

And Turner Meeks himself, holder of the Va Va Voom Girl's real true love, was getting fat, fat, fatter on moo shu duck, sweet and sour pork, shrimp chop suey and beef kowloon--a shitload of condemned man's last meals.

Uncle Ace Kwan sells white horse, so I'll bet Lucy didn't stop in for chop suey.