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considerably/substantially worse
▪ To make matters considerably worse, he lost his job.
considerably/substantially (=a lot)
▪ During this period unemployment decreased considerably.
contribute substantially/significantly/greatly etc to sth
▪ Enya’s success has contributed substantially to the current interest in Celtic music.
differ considerably/widely/substantially (=greatly)
▪ Opinions differ widely on the best way to do this.
greatly/substantially/considerably reduce
▪ He has greatly reduced the political power of the armed forces.
substantially (=a lot)
▪ University fees have risen substantially.
▪ Work started in 1850, and although it was substantially complete in 1852, it was not consecrated until 1859.
▪ Having been started some ten years earlier, they were substantially complete by the early 1680s.
▪ As for passenger services, the new Waterloo terminal is substantially complete.
▪ Answer guide: When the earnings process is substantially complete and payment is reasonably certain. 3.
▪ It might be described as a simplified mepacrine, although it belonged to a substantially different chemical class.
▪ Most companies face substantially different capital budgeting opportunities from year to year.
▪ If this rate operated annually then 5.6% of boys aged 17 would be circumcised - not substantially different from the Mersey figure.
▪ Companies listed below reported quarterly profit substantially different from the average of analysts' estimates.
▪ The distribution of attention in the parliamentary review programmes was substantially different.
▪ Each of these young people is leaving college a substantially different person from when she / he arrived.
▪ Evidently, text recognition is a substantially different problem to text understanding.
▪ For all concerned, the agenda is now substantially different from 1985, or even 1989.
▪ The Board also said that there was a substantially greater potential, but at a higher cost.
▪ They confirmed there was substantially greater homogeneity of demand within suburbs located near many other communities.
▪ Cambro-Ordovician accumulation may well have been substantially greater, with corresponding erosion in mid-Ordovician or Devonian times.
▪ This plant has a long leaf form which is found in the lowlands where the temperature is substantially high.
▪ Salaries in large metropolitan areas are substantially higher than those in small local jurisdictions.
▪ Furthermore, women's risk of poverty was substantially higher than men's in similar situations.
▪ If so, are we passengers willing to pay substantially higher fares so that the airlines can continuously purchase new aircraft?
▪ Particle beams promise substantially higher efficiency than do lasers, but focusing presents severe problems.
▪ Golding's office was grey and cheerless, with the disorientating feature of being substantially higher than it was wide.
▪ The concentrations of nutrients used in these studies are substantially higher than those which would normally be seen in the colonic lumen.
▪ Direct action by central government would necessitate substantially increased expenditure and therefore revenue.
▪ But travel agent Lunn Poly substantially increased profitability following major expansion in recent years.
▪ By the 1995-96 school year, ProTech was substantially larger than Craftsmanship 2000 or any other youth apprenticeship program nationwide.
▪ The proportion receiving aspirin within the first 24 h may be substantially lower.
▪ Their pensions were substantially lower than the ones enjoyed by widows of servicemen killed in subsequent wars.
▪ The main problem in economic terms is that net farm incomes are substantially lower than for other farm enterprises and types.
▪ He had previously given substantially similar statements to other investigators.
▪ Are judged by informed observers to be substantially better than comparable groups. 5.
▪ I warned a year ago that it would not be until 1992 that substantially better results would be achieved.
▪ Franchise operations seem to provide a surprisingly large amount of luck to judge by their substantially better survival rates.
▪ And those with larger amounts to invest - attracting even higher rates of interest - are doing substantially better than that.
▪ Strangely, when compared against the material they replace, word processor generated pages, they are usually substantially better!
▪ It may well be that future excavations at Mallia and Knossos will add substantially to the complex picture that is emerging.
▪ They had added substantially to the availability of drugs in the streets of Britain.
▪ Horizontal boreholes drilled radially from the base of the dug wells add substantially to the yields of the wells.
▪ These policy choices can substantially affect the profits declared.
▪ Immigration patterns have been substantially affected by the Acts.
▪ Hence linkage disequilibrium may build up, and may substantially affect the equilibrium mutational load.
▪ Similarly, practices could appeal if they had evidence that the population characteristics had altered substantially since the last census.
▪ It also could be altered substantially by the presence of a third-party candidate, such as Ross Perot.
▪ Parsons did not substantially alter this view, and as a result lost the stress Freud had placed on conflict.
▪ Rising unemployment and the development of Government employment schemes have substantially altered the pattern of young people's activities.
▪ It has been substantially altered in later periods and has a largely classical, dull exterior.
▪ And if the blade had gone in farther than that, the case was altered substantially.
▪ So in some cases a compromise must be made, although this should not substantially alter the overall effect of formality.
▪ Time has established their worth, which is now unlikely to alter substantially, either in terms of esteem or financial value.
▪ But, overall, Pap screening rates have not changed substantially in recent years.
▪ A paraphrase usually substantially changes the language of the original, because all that matters is that the idea is conveyed.
▪ The new editorial policy complicates the process of producing authorised versions, but it does not substantially change it.
▪ Over time that role has substantially changed.
▪ Consequently, I do not feel the value of your case has substantially changed.
▪ Zoos contribute substantially to the captive banks of many endangered species and those that are less rare.
▪ However, visitors from outlying areas to attend football matches will contribute substantially to the local economy of the cities mentioned above.
▪ In some areas it was acknowledged that these plots contributed substantially to the food supply.
▪ In no country does equity finance contribute substantially.
▪ In Ponthieu the seneschal's functions did not differ substantially from those or the seneschal of Gascony.
▪ But just about every skill in making and selling computers substantially differed from making and leasing copiers.
▪ The parallel structure differs substantially from the fold-back structure at the individual nucleotide level.
▪ Long stays on the lunar surface demand prolonged exposure to an environment differing substantially from that at the surface of Earth.
▪ The council does not have to consider a new application within two years, unless it differs substantially from the original.
▪ And the percentage who report membership differs substantially from country to country.
▪ In an introduction to the report Mr Prescott says that the need for improvement will differ substantially across the country.
▪ That process differs substantially from how the City of Tucson usually leases property.
▪ Critics of the democratizing vision of the corporation contended that specialized technical knowledge would substantially enhance the power of management.
▪ We are grateful for all these contributions which have substantially enhanced the quality of life of the residents at Sussexdown.
▪ The costs of computer software is not prohibitively expensive in addition, hardware costs have also fallen substantially.
▪ In 1996, however, it fell substantially, to 4, 944.
▪ Lord Mackay has treated claims that eligibility has substantially fallen as speculative.
▪ The performance of most cities falls substantially below this standard.
▪ I am also pleased to inform my hon. Friend that ophthalmology waiting lists have fallen substantially during the past year.
▪ The ratio fell substantially after that, and by 1986 direct taxes only provided some 10% more revenue than taxes on expenditure.
▪ Outside agriculture the number of self-employed actually grew by 1 million, while falling substantially as a proportion of total employment.
▪ It has however been the subject of much criticism, which has grown substantially during the second half of the present century.
▪ In other words, following a big year the odds grow substantially for a bullmarket peak.
▪ There has been much speculation whether this proportion is likely to grow substantially in industrial societies.
▪ During that time, the Company has grown substantially under his leadership and we pay tribute to his achievements.
▪ Under her watchful eye the size of the Rentokil fleet grew substantially to almost 3000 vehicles.
▪ In addition to the conglomerates already discussed, several press groups grew substantially.
▪ The situation has improved substantially since then and girls have achieved parity with boys as far as staying on at school.
▪ It is sad to note then, that their lot did not improve substantially.
▪ Legal aid fees have been improved substantially since then.
▪ Indeed, we have very substantially improved them this year.
▪ This guidance has almost certainly improved substantially the extent and quality of discharge planning.
▪ He thereby substantially improved the lethal effect of attack.
▪ This figure had increased substantially since 1964 and, of course, conceals considerable variations for individual councillors.
▪ Occasionally, a substantially increased platelet or white cell count may lead to apparent increases in plasma potassium concentration.
▪ Publicity encouraging people to take the vitamin has increased substantially.
▪ But over the three years that Congress considered the program, the number of entitlement jurisdictions increased substantially.
▪ The funds available for such projects are expected to increase substantially.
▪ Coal exports will also increase substantially.
▪ As a result the numbers of elderly persons living in these regions has increased substantially, especially in coastal locations.
▪ The population in 1981 was 1,640 but housing development since then has substantially increased this number.
▪ In the process, the ideas that had originally been expounded by Monnet were substantially modified.
▪ The first administration bill was the special revenue sharing plan, introduced in 1971 and then substantially modified by Congress.
▪ Heat loss through any window can be substantially reduced by using curtains which are lined.
▪ Social Security has reduced substantially the number of our citizens living in poverty.
▪ Thorough revision of laboratory routines could substantially reduce radiation doses received.
▪ Forbes' platform makes sense in a state on a mission to eliminate the income tax and substantially reduce the property tax.
▪ Public opinion polls consistently support substantially reduced penalties, and often decriminalisation or limited legalisation.
▪ As a result, his engineering team was able to substantially reduce the channeled drainage on the plan.
▪ The practical result would be substantially reduced maximum output current, and a lot of ripple on the d.c. output.
▪ Keating said the merger would have substantially reduced competition in the life insurance market.
▪ Hence the Poor Law remained substantially unreformed by 1914.
▪ Even in revised for, however, their position remains substantially unchanged and clinically incorrect.
▪ Will their power increase even if the character of services remains substantially unchanged?
▪ The law-school curriculum remains substantially unchanged.
▪ Despite, I gather some structural problems, the hope of the committee is that the building will remain substantially intact.
▪ Property prices continued to rise substantially faster than inflation, and there was evidence of increasing public resentment towards speculators.
▪ Revenue more than doubled for the year ended Oct. 29 and earnings from continuing operations rose substantially, he notes.
▪ Following the move, enquiries rose substantially.
▪ Production of other crops also rose substantially - the important oil-bearing crops saw a rise of 13.8 percent during this period.
▪ So, while criminal statistics have risen substantially, theft and violence is clearly not a modern problem.
▪ The relationship between fertility rates and mortality rates has created a population structure which has varied substantially during the period in question.
▪ It is one of the few game birds where the flavor does not vary substantially between the wild and farm-raised fowl.
▪ Even so, the number of people moving through particular age groups has varied substantially over the past two or three decades.
▪ Hence, other estimates of coal resources could vary SubStantially from those shown.
▪ The companies varied substantially in size, however, the ten largest being responsible for 55 percent of all funds under management.
▪ While this communications network has expanded worldwide, the availability of every medium varies substantially across regions, countries, and groups.
▪ Consequently the degree of detail required in different measures may vary substantially.
▪ Salaries also vary substantially by type and level of responsibilities and by industry.
▪ Attendance at the conference was substantially lower this year.
▪ The first chapter had been changed substantially.
▪ Although identical, City Hall cost substantially more.
▪ Evidently, text recognition is a substantially different problem to text understanding.
▪ Only in the last respect has Anderson shifted his ground substantially.
▪ Soviet Kurds numbered 152,952 according to the 1989 census, although this figure was believed to be substantially underestimated.
▪ Their pensions were substantially lower than the ones enjoyed by widows of servicemen killed in subsequent wars.
▪ To depart substantially from them invites question unless it can be demonstrated that such departure conforms to accepted practice by rational analysis.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Substantially \Sub*stan"tial*ly\, adv. In a substantial manner; in substance; essentially.

In him all his Father shone, Substantially expressed.

The laws of this religion would make men, if they would truly observe them, substantially religious toward God, chastle, and temperate.


adv. 1 In a strong substantial manner; considerably. 2 To a great extent; in essence; essentially. 3 Without material qualifications.

  1. adv. to a great extent or degree; "I'm afraid the film was well over budget"; "painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger"; "the house has fallen considerably in value"; "the price went up substantially" [syn: well, considerably]

  2. in a strong substantial way; "the house was substantially built"

Usage examples of "substantially".

Most amputees feel that anything substantially interfering with this mass circulatory system will be disastrous.

On this occasion, I wish to recall his attention to a piece of evidence which I brought forward at Ottawa on Saturday, showing that he had made substantially the same charge against substantially the same persons, excluding his dear self from the category.

Tigris and the Euphrates break into a number of channels in the marshland area, and the flow of the rivers is substantially reduced by the time they come together at Al Qurnah.

In developing my own theory of music I have decided to take what might be called the strong approach, and I assume that in the first instance a theory of music should be capable of explaining all observed features of music, whether or not those features are found across all cultures, as long as it can be established that the features contribute substantially to the musicality of music for a substantial number of listeners.

It is agreed that these chapters do not exhibit the garrison of Britain at the moment when the Notitia was substantially completed, about A.

Even if these lowest estimates prevail, however, the assessment about preparedness and the capability to respond to the disasters discussed in this report would be substantially unchanged.

There had to be a way to convince Slattery that there was substantially more to this case than what had thus far surfaced.

The decision was substantially aided by the fact that the company had been doing a general telegraphic business within the State for more than fifty years without having been subjected to such an exaction.

Now the first thing that Aquinas did, though by no means the last, was to say to these pure transcendentalists something substantially like this.

Substantially the same thing occurs with ink made with the respective acids, although the blue color remains for a time unimpaired in the tannin ink, apparently due to the fact that ferrous-tannate reduces indigo blue to indigo white, a change which the low reducing power of ferrousgallate does little to effect.

Muravieff has performed in achieving a level of quality education for the inmates at Hiland Mountain Correctional Facility, and because he feels she has contributed substantially to the lowest rate of recidivism for a corrections facility in the state and one of the lowest rates in the nation, because Victoria Bannister Muravieff has set a standard for community service under the most difficult of conditions, with a selfless disregard for her own situation and a commitment to the rehabilitation of people the rest of us have given up on long ago, the governor has decided to commute her sentence to time served.

The doctors found the right mix of antipsychotic drugs and his symptoms diminished substantially.

Many Cincinnatians were in a position, because of the knowledge they had before Cincinnati was converted, to add substantially to the mosaic of what was known about the three waves of nanotechnology.

Berlin Foreign Office by Doctor Dumba, the Austrian Ambassador, afterward recalled at the request of President Wilson, which was represented as stating substantially that Mr.

Exactly here is where Paul, the noble apostle to the Gentiles, broke with the Judaizing apostles, and taught a doctrine more fully developed in its historic sequence, but substantially in perfect unison with the free teachings and spirit of Jesus himself.