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Etymology 1 n. 1 (context mathematics English) A subset of a space which is a space in its own right. 2 (context science fiction English) Any (often unspecified) method of communicating faster than light speed. Etymology 2

n. (context BDSM English) The psychological state of the submissive or "bottom" during sadomasochistic activity.


n. a space that is contained within another space


Subspace may refer to:

SubSpace (video game)

SubSpace is a two-dimensional space shooter computer game created in 1995 and finally released in 1997 by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (VIE) which was a finalist for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Online Game of the Year Award in 1998. SubSpace incorporates quasi-realistic zero-friction physics into a massively multiplayer online game. It is no longer operated by VIE; instead, fans and players of the game provide servers and technical updates. The action is viewed from above, which presents challenges very different from those of a three-dimensional game. The game has no built-in story or set of goals; players may enter a variety of servers, each of which have differing objectives, maps, sounds, and graphics.

SubSpace is widely considered an early entry in the massively multiplayer online genre due to its unprecedented player counts.

Usage examples of "subspace".

Once they gained access to enough nanites, the assimilated ones began transmitting a virus through subspace.

For each of these sub-spaces, and for each melody, we can define a flow of motion in a hypothetical cortical map that represents the subspace.

She had not lost any of her angular momentum coming out of that eerie subspace that had not even seemed to exist during the millisecond when the Shaw Drive had engaged.

The high-energy proton spectrpmetry clusters flunked out, too, as did the gravimetric distortion mapping scanner, the fixed angle gamma frequency counter, the wide-angle EM radiation imaging scanner, the quark population analysis counter, the Z-range particulate spectrometry sensor, the low-frequency EM flux sensor, the localized subspace field stress sensor, the parametric subspace field stress sensor, the hydrogen-filter subspace flux scanner, the linear calibration subspace flux sensor, the variable band optical imagining cluster, the virtual aperture graviton flux spectrometer, the high-resolution graviton flux spectrometer, the very low energy graviton spin pola-rimeter, the passive imaging gamma interferometry sensor, the low-level imagining sensor, the virtual particle mapping camera, and even the life-form analysis instrument counter.

She felt like gutting the control panel with her bare hands, then she noticed something odd about the readings from the parametric subspace field stress sensor.

Exactly 2,017 trillionths of a second before reaching the boundary point, she issued the command to the warp engines to change their subspace field configuration slightly, to trigger the interspace jump back to her own universe, then waited as the command crawled out at light-speed through the optical network to the warp nacelles.

Each line represented a course to a new breakpoint into subspace, red being the longest course in normal space and green the shortest.

Colony 6 was a possible long-range problem, some day, because, despite its nearness to Flat territory, we were the ones to discover that nearby cluster of breakpoints into subspace, opening up promising routes for future colonization.

Warp power can be restored, but with their warp dampener, we will not be able to create a subspace field.

To him, subspace or interspace seemed the only two logical ways the Furies could send some sort of fear trigger.

Deston called Rodnar, who interrupted his own work long enough to come, to check, and to report that the huge Galaxian subspacer was not putting out any X-interference at all.

The beginning of subspace interstellar travel set in motion events which, had they followed their course uninfluenced would inevitably have ended in the destruction of Galaxian civilization.

The city council of New Ibadan had sent them a subspace message a week ago, saying that they would welcome the Earthfolk from the Hawking as new settlers, but the leader would now be expecting a greeting from Captain Kirk.

If the Posleen were using detection equipment at all, the encrypted microbursts would appear as nothing more than the sort of subspace anomalies usually found on planetary surfaces.

They are poor, with postindustrial technology that excels only in one area, namely the design and construction of subspace satellites, used mostly as telescopes to observe signals from very distant galaxies, with a resolution far beyond that of current Federation technology.