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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Aeroliths are further subdivided into two classes: chondrites and achondrites.
▪ Main classes are divided into subclasses which are further subdivided into form, place, time and subject aspects.
▪ To further subdivide them may make record-keeping impossibly complicated.
▪ All these stakes are subdivided into other groups.
▪ Hepatic jaundice may be subdivided into two groups based on the type of bilirubin in excess, conjugated bilirubin or unconjugated bilirubin.
▪ So the party drifted on, groups finding each other, merging and then subdividing to make other groups.
▪ Rocks can be subdivided into types on the basis of texture.
▪ A simple solution is to subdivide the 900-pixel matrix into nine 10-by-10 matrices.
▪ A simple spinner using a pentatonic scale might be subdivided into five symmetrically weighted sectors.
▪ County councils, moreover, frequently subdivided their territory for administrative purposes.
▪ Helper furnishes a list of floods and another of wrecked ships, subdividing the latter into steamers and sailing vessels.
▪ The madness here is that it does not matter what we organize, what we number, what we subdivide.
▪ The most southerly of the three enclosures had also been subdivided, although little of its eastern half lay within the trench.
▪ These categories are then subdivided or classified, so as to create more manageable groups that can later be analyzed.
▪ William Heath Davis, who subdivided this portion of San Diego in 1850, reserved the block for a federal courthouse.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Subdivide \Sub`di*vide"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Subdivided; p. pr. & vb. n. Subdividing.] [L. subdividere, sub under + dividere to divide. See Divide.] To divide the parts of (anything) into more parts; to part into smaller divisions; to divide again, as what has already been divided.

The progenies of Cham and Japhet swarmed into colonies, and those colonies were subdivided into many others.


Subdivide \Sub`di*vide"\, v. i. To be, or to become, subdivided.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c. (transitive), from Late Latin subdividere from sub in the sense of "resulting from further division" (see sub-) + Latin dividere (see division). Intransitive sense is from 1590s.


vb. 1 (context ambitransitive English) To divide into smaller sections. 2 # (context real estate English) To divide a plot of land into plots for residences; to convert open land into housing. 3 (context ambitransitive English) To divide divisions into smaller divisions

  1. v. form into subdivisions; "The cells subdivided"

  2. divide into smaller and smaller pieces; "This apartment cannot be subdivided any further!"

Usage examples of "subdivide".

While the Bauble could theoretically be subdivided into millions of individual macromolecules, it was in fact one super-macromolecule, since the linkages between its theoretical units were themselves molecular in nature.

And I hereby proclaim, order, and direct that immediately after the 5th day of September, 1864, being fifty days from the date of this call, a draft for troops to serve for one year shall be had in every town, township, ward of a city, precinct, or election district, or county not so subdivided, to fill the quota which shall be assigned to it under this call or any part thereof which may be unfilled by volunteers on the said 5th day of September, 1864.

Besides these primitive races there are the dark-skinned negroids of Bantu stock, commonly known in their tribal groups as Kaffirs, Zulu, Bechuana and Damara, which are again subdivided into many lesser groups.

The acreage in front of the plant still held a few of the fences and posts from the animal pens that had subdivided the area long ago but mostly the field had been reclaimed by the Kansas prairie of mid-high grass, sedge, bluestem, and buffalo grass.

The plesiosauroids can be subdivided into two forms, one of which, the elasmosaurs, had much longer necks than the other, the plesiosaurids.

He believed Hades to be the destination of all our mortal race, but conceived it subdivided into a Tartarus for the impious and an Elysium for the righteous.

In classifying prints it is necessary to subdivide the secondary groups.

It is, of course, desirable to have a definite sequence or order of filing the prints within the subdivided groups.

The stalk had swelled still more and subdivided and taken the Remaker shape.

Those of the body would be subdivided according to the senses, some being attributed to sight, others to hearing and taste, others to smell and touch.

Concrete terms may be subdivided according to the number of things they denote and the way in which they denote them.

While the Bauble could theoretically be subdivided into millions of individual macromolecules, it was in fact one super-macromolecule, since the linkages between its theoretical units were themselves molecular in nature.

The lower subdivided part, called the junk, is one immense honeycomb of oil, formed by the crossing and recrossing, into ten thousand infiltrated cells, of tough elastic white fibres throughout its whole extent.

He knew, for instance, that sloths were called sloths because the Tupi word for the three-toed sloth was ai, and AI had stood for artificial idiot or artificial imbecile ever since the concept of artificial intelligence had been subdivided.

He divides and subdivides, and gets many varieties of diseases, in most respects similar.