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The cuneiform šu sign is a common, multi-use syllabic and alphabetic sign for šu, š, and u; it has a subsidiary usage for syllabic qat; it also has a majuscule-(capital letter) sumerogram usage for ŠU, for Akkadian language "qātu", the word for " hand". The human hand is the shape of cuneiform character šu, and thus the origin of its creation (late 4th millennium BC, or early 3rd millennium BC).

The scribal usage of a sign allows for any of the 4 vowels (no vowel 'o' in Akkadian), a, e, i, u to be interchangeable; thus a usage for syllabic qat could conceivably be used for the following (k can replace 'q', and d can replace 't'): q, a, or t; also ka, qa, ad, at. (The "š" (shibilant s) is also interchangeable with the other two esses, "s", and "ṣ", for "šu"!)

The šu sign has a common usage in the Amarna letters and the Epic of Gilgamesh. Its usage numbers in the Epic are as follows: qat-(16), šu-(420), ŠU-(13).

Su (Unix)

The Unix command su, sometimes described as substitute user, super user, or switch user, is used by a computer user to execute commands with the privileges of another user account. When executed it invokes a shell without changing the current working directory or the user environment.

When the command is used without specifying the new user id as a command line argument, it defaults to using the superuser account (user id 0) of the system.

SU(6) (physics)

SU(6) is a grand unified theory which includes the Georgi–Glashow SU(5) gauge group.

The fermionic matter content of this model comes in three generations (copies) of

$$15\oplus \bar{6}\oplus \bar{6}$$

as SU(6) representations.

This gauge group is broken down to the Georgi–Glashow model by a pair of 6/$\bar{6}_H$ Higgs fields.

$$SU(6)\begin{matrix}6_H/\bar{6}_H\\ \longrightarrow \end{matrix} SU(5)\times U(1)$$

The fermions decompose as

15 → 10 ⊕ 5

$$\bar{6}\rightarrow \bar{5}\oplus 1$$

The Yukawa coupling $\bar{6} \bar{6}_H 15$ causes 5 and a $\bar{5}$ SU(5)-rep of fermions to pair up and acquire GUT scale masses for each generation.

An adjoint Higgs 35 breaks the model down further to the standard model.

Most important, SU(6) is also used as a classification group for baryons and mesons. In fact it takes in account both SU(3) flavour and SU(2) spin. Then, quarks u,d,s, with spin up and down belong to the fundamental representation 6. Mesons belong to the 35 representation and baryons to the 56 representation obtained from the product quark-antiquark and quark-quark-quark, respectively.

Recently, a new type of grand unified theories based on SU(6) group has been proposed to realize a unification of strong and electroweak interactions. The work provides a complete form of 35 generators in SU(6) group.

Su (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Their shapes come from the kanji 寸 and 須, respectively. Both kana represent the sound . In the Ainu language, the katakana ス can be written as small ㇲ to represent a final s, and is used to emphasize the pronunciation of [s] rather than the normal [ɕ] (represented in Ainu as ㇱ).





Normal s-
(さ行 sa-gyō)


suu, swu

すう, すぅ

スウ, スゥ

Addition dakuten z-
(ざ行 za-gyō)


zuu, zwu

ずう, ずぅ

ズウ, ズゥ

Other additional forms

Form A (sw-)







swi, Si


スィ *







* スィ and ズィ are also used to present si and zi pronunciations respectively. For example, 'C' is presented as スィー . See also Hepburn romanization.

Su (surname)

Su is the pinyin romanization of the common Chinese surname written in simplified characters and traditionally.

It was listed 42nd among the Song-era list of the Hundred Family Surnames.

It is also the pinyin romanization of the very rare surname .

Usage examples of "su".

Mae Su, very much afraid that Mae Su would decide the only way to keep herself and her own children alive would be to abandon the Nansen stateless person and her unborn child.

Apart from writing the FOS Newsletter, Suber is working to realize FOS on several fronts.

The cork oak, Quercus suber, grows either singly among other trees or in groups, principally in the southern parts of the island.

Lilly discovered this yesterday after play rehearsal when she went to buy ginkgo biloba puffs and Ling Su, in front of her in line, bought the same thing.

The downward spiral was far more Subtle than the Dawn Age pessimism of Karl Marx or Han Su, and only vaguely related to the insights of Mancur Olson.

Aveva i capelli tirati su, gli occhi orlati di kajal e le labbra rosso scuro.

If I were Mae Su, I would be trying to cover my ass, and protecting the kids, and wouldn't want to have to worry about taking care of a white woman with a Nansen passport.

If Johnny was puzzled at the existence of a tribe of Seminoles called the Su, the matter was likely to be a very puzzling one.