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street furniture

n. The objects and equipment installed on a street, such as bollards, benches, and traffic lights.

Street furniture

Street furniture is a collective term (used in the United Kingdom and Canada) for objects and pieces of equipment installed on streets and roads for various purposes. It includes benches, traffic barriers, bollards, post boxes, phone boxes, streetlamps, traffic lights, traffic signs, bus stops, tram stops, taxi stands, public lavatories, fountains, watering troughs, memorials, public sculptures, and waste receptacles. An important consideration in the design of street furniture is how it affects road safety.

Usage examples of "street furniture".

These rarely-spotted pieces of street furniture were used to extinguish the tar-covered brands of the linkboys who escorted the restaurant's visitors through the unlit streets.

It was the same elaborate clutter of vaguely nineteenth-century brothel furnishings that's to be seen in every High Street furniture shop throughout Britain.

So nice was The Vines that I drank two more pints and then realized that I really ought to get something in my stomach lest I grow giddy and end up staggering into street furniture and singing 'Mother Machree'.

Playfully, Vaughan responded to different types of street furniture and roadside trim.

The survival of such a venerable piece of street furniture beside an artery like Hampstead Road always fascinates him.

A hideous piece of chipboard veneer furniture bought in a suburban high street furniture store and designed to hold exactly a year's supply of Sunday colour supplements.